Member Spotlight: Muskegon Times

September 21, 2018

Member Spotlight:  Muskegon Times

Anna is the Publisher/Editor of Muskegon Times,  a news website that aims to celebrate and empower Muskegon, Michigan and the surrounding area by providing long form articles, news and feature series, profiles of community leaders, photography, Q&As, first-person essays, blogs, video, audio, and more for a diverse audience.

What is the most useful attribute of CoLaunch specific to your business?

Being an incredibly new business (we just launched about one month ago), it is beyond helpful to be around people who know their stuff when it comes to running a company. Plus, the high speed wi-fi, desk space, printer, and coffee are wonderful and much needed!

What would you tell others to get them to check out CoLaunch?

It’s affordable; there’s a warm, inviting and creative environment; you can get away from what often seems like a flood of distractions at a home office; you feel as though you’re part of a community; and there’s more job control -- because I have access to the space 24/7, I can work outside of normal work hours. As a journalist, that’s a huge plus!

What 2 creative tidbits would you share with other entrepreneurs considering a new business start-up?

  1. Talk to others who have done what you’re doing! I can’t tell you how helpful it was to speak to other journalists, and non-journalists who started up their own companies, before I launched. At least one mentor truly will make all the difference, even if you don’t want any advice and just want to grab a beer after a very long day.
  2. Give yourself the space to fail. There will be things that don’t work. We’ve all been there. Breathe, give yourself the night off, and reboot in the morning.



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