Member Spotlight: IntelligentAge

August 03, 2018

Member Spotlight:  IntelligentAge

Brigit is the President and Founder of IntelligentAge which serves clients through consulting, training, online content development and online event management on how to best design for, relate to and engage the 50+ consumer or worker.

What is the most useful attribute of CoLaunch specific to your business? 

Ability to still feel synergy of work environment and people while focusing on solo ventures. As well, there is access to all office tools needed on a daily basis such as copiers, wifi, conference space, brainstorming areas, lounges and more!

What would you tell others to get them to check out CoLaunch?

Affordable, supportive, open office environment for any entrepreneur, business owner or remote office setting. Great vibe for productivity.

What 2 creative tidbits would you share with other entrepreneurs considering a new business start-up?

a. Find networks of support such as the Innovation Hub, Muskegon Inventors Network and Chamber of Commerces.

b. Budget and farm out skills that you do not soundly know.

What is it about your work that brings you the greatest joy?

I passionately believe in the ability of industries to meet the needs of the new longevity economy and a new culture of positive long life living. Gray is the new green, and ageism stinks!

What is a hidden talent you wish to share?

HGTV pseudo-star


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