Oman Study Abroad 2015 Experiences!

MES Minor, Charlie Creech shares her Study Abroad Experience

Charlie with Friends

Charlie Creech (center with friends) spent four weeks in Ibri, Oman and then 10 days in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during her Study Abroad experience in 2015.

"My middle East Studies minor has opened my eyes to a entirely new world. Without having previous classes in this minor, my study abroad in Oman would have been extremely challenging. The Arabic requirement for this minor helped me communicate abroad and now helps me to keep in contact with my friends back in Oman. I think my combination of my Criminal Justice and Psychology majors and Middle East Studies minor will help me immensely in the future. I recommend this minor to anyone who wants to learn about the Middle East region or about the world in general!" - Charlie Creech








Gabri (Gabriella) Patti shares her Study Abroad Experience

Gabri in souq

Gabri Patti in a textile shop owned by her friend, Nawaz Rafiq in Muscat, Oman. "His hospitality was so beautiful!  He stopped what he was doing, ordered our whole group tea, and we sat down on one of his rugs to drink." 

"Studying abroad in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) taught me an incredibly important lesson about people. People are the same throughout the world; we all have sorrows and joys, we all get embarrassed, and laughter and hilarity are universal.  I learned this by developing relationships with people during my time abroad, despite language, cultural, or religious differences.  I believe that this eye-opening experience will help me as I pursue my degree in Journalism and as I go out into the work world.  This experience broadened my world view, and has helped me to become a more empathetic person."  - Gabri Patti



Gabri Photo

Gabri 2

Gabri Prayer