Articles and Book Chapters 1996 to 2000

Articles and Book Chapters in 2000

Ed Aboufadel. Contributor to: The Dictionary of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Trigonometry.   Ed.  S. Krantz. 2000.

Ed Aboufadel. “A Short Primer on Wavelets.”   Math Horizons April 2000.

Ed Aboufadel and Steve Schlicker. “Wavelets, Introduction.” Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, 3rd edition. Ed. Robert Meyers . 17 (2000): 773-788.

Esther Billings and D. Klanderman.   “Graphical Representations of Speed: Obstacles Preservice K-8 Teachers Experience.”   School Science and Mathematics 100.8 (2000): 440 – 450.

Esther Billings and D. Klanderman. “What Constitutes a Mathematically Rich and Meaningful Task: Preservice Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions.”   Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Columbus, OH: ERIC Clearing House, 2000. 641 – 645.. Ed. M. Fernandez. 

Chip Ross and Jody Sorensen. “Will the Real Bifurcation Diagram Please Stand Up?” College Mathematics Journal 31.1 (2000): 2 – 14.

Articles and Book Chapters in 1999

Ed AboufadelMatt Boelkins, and Steve Schlicker. “Review of Four Introductory Books on Wavelets: Wavelets: A PrimerWavelets in BoxA Primer on Wavelets for Scientists and Engineers, and Wavelet Analysis: The Scalable Structure of Information.” The American Mathematical Monthly, 106.10 (1999): 971 – 977.

Ed Aboufadel and Steve Schlicker. “Wavelets in Linear Algebra Using Maple.” Proceedings of the Tenth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics. Addison-Wesley (1999): 1 – 5.

David Austin and Dale Rolfsen. “The Alexander Polynomial and the Homotopy of Knots.”  Canadian Bulletin of Mathematics 42.3 (1999): 257 – 262.

Char Beckmann, S.L. Senk, and D.R. Thompson. “Assessing Students’ Understanding of Functions in a Graphing Calculator Environment.”   School Science and Mathematics 99.8 (1999): 451 – 456.

Char Beckmann and K. Rozanski. “Graphs in Real Time.”   Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 5.2 (1999): 92 – 99.

Char Beckmann and Steve Schlicker. “A ‘Model’ Multivariable Calculus Course.” PRIMUS 9.3 (1999): 226 – 240.

Char Beckmann and D.R. Thompson. “Preparing Secondary Teachers to Use Technology: Two Perspectives.” Proceedings of the 11th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company.. (1999)

Esther BillingsJan Shroyer, and Pam Wells. “A Tutoring Field Experience as a Vehicle for Applying Authentic Knowledge and Pedagogy: Dilemmas and Successes.” Proceedings of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, 1999.

Elyn Rykken and Jody Sorensen. “Volumes and History: A Calculus Project Involving an Original Source.” MAA Online. 1999.  The Mathematical Association of America

Articles and Book Chapters in 1998

Ed Aboufadel. “Two Tales of Collaboration.”  Grand Valley Review, Fall 1998.

Thompson, D. R. and Char Beckmann Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company. (pp. 461-465). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company.. “Preparing Secondary Teachers to Use Broad-Based Assessments.” Proceedings of the 10th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics. (1999): 461 – 465.  

Matt Boelkins. “Removable Ambiguities: Making Mathematics More Intelligible.” PRIMUS 8.4 (1998): 331 – 339.

Matt Boeklins and T. Pfaff. “Teaching Calculus Students How To Study.” PRIMUS 8.3 (1998): 253 – 264.

Nick Ceglarek (student), Paul Fishback, and Toby Moleski (student). “Integral Functions Whose Right Derivatives are Average Values of Periodic Functions.” The Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, 10 (1998): 692 – 697.

Paul Fishback. “A Composition Problem Involving Analytic Functions.” The Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences 10.2 (1998): 95 – 98.

Georgi Klein. “Discourse as a Problem Solving Strategy.” Published on Web as part of First International Mathematics Education and Society Conference University of Nottingham, England.,

Steve Schlicker and Aimee Kunnen (student). “Regular Sierpinski Polyhedra.”  Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 10.8 (1998): 607 – 619.

Articles and Book Chapters in 1997

Ed Aboufadel. “Qualitative Analysis of a Singularly Perturbed System of Differential Equations Related to the van der Pol Equations.”   Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 27.2 (1997): 367 – 385.

Senk, S., Char Beckmann, and D. Thompson. “Assessment and Grading in High School Mathematics Classrooms. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education28 (1997): 187 – 215.

Thompson, D., Char Beckmann, and S. Senk. “Improving Classroom Tests as a Means for Improving Assessments.”  Mathematics Teacher 90 (1997): 58 – 64.

Nick Ceglarek (student), Paul Fishback, and Toby Moleski (student). “On the Differentiability of    .” Mathematics Magazine70.3 (1997): 218 – 222.

Cathy Gardner. “Changing Math Anxiety and Attitudes with the Use of Graphics   Calculators: Differences by Gender and Age of Student.”    Proceedings of Midwest Research-to-Practice Conference in Adult, Continuing and Community Education, October, 1997.

Georgi Klein. “Situations and Functions. ” PME-NA Conference Proceedings Vol. 1: 195 – 199.

Articles and Book Chapters in 1996

Ed Aboufadel. “A Mathematician Catches a Baseball.” American Mathematical Monthly 103.10 (1996): 870 – 878.

Ed Aboufadel. “Qualitative Analysis of Non-Autonomous, Singularly-Perturbed, Ordinary Differential Equations”, Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Applications Volume 2Atlanta: Dynamic Publishers, 1996. 1 – 9.   . Ed. Ladde, S. and Sambandham. 

Ed Aboufadel and S. Tavener.  “Detecting a Leak in an Underground Storage Tank.” Consortium of ODE Experiments Harvey Mudd College, winter 1996. at

Karen Novotny.  "My Belated Acceptance Speech."  Grand Valley Review  XIV:  22 – 25.

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