What to Expect - Faculty

1.  You will receive an email (from "<your LIFT Coordinator> via IASystem Notification") as soon as a LIFT survey has been scheduled for your course.  That email will list the dates and form to be used, and it will include the URL your students will use and a link to the LIFT faculty portal.  If you want to review the questionnaire and/or add questions, you can do that via the faculty portal. You should set aside class time for students to complete the Questionnaires during the early part of the survey period.

2.  On the opening day for the survey, each of your students will receive an email message with instructions and a link to the questionnaire.  You will also get an email notice that the survey is open.

3.  Students who haven't completed the survey will receive up to three email reminders during the survey period.  You will receive reminders on those same dates to apprise you of the current response rate.

4.  After grades for the semester have been submitted, you will receive an additional email to notify you that the report is available.