Graduate & Lifetime Learning promotes GVSU’s growth in adult-serving, regionally distributed, alumni-relevant, career-ready, and enterprise enabled solutions. Comprised of Alumni Relations, the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies, the Career Center, the Graduate School, and the Regional Campuses (Battle Creek, Detroit, Jackson, and Traverse City), Graduate & Lifetime Learning partners with stakeholders across the university to support all students, particularly adult and graduate students, in achieving their academic goals.

The Office of Graduate & Lifetime Learning champions adult learners at the undergraduate and graduate level, ensuring their prior learning is honored, and academic pathways support their personal and professional aspirations. We are committed to being the educational partner for our alumni throughout their lifetime and at every stage of their career, providing mentorship and relevant professional development. We listen to the communities in which we reside across the state of Michigan, are responsive to and reflective of community needs, and invest in faculty that live in the campus community who are committed to maintaining and developing strong community ties. Graduate & Lifetime Learning partners with industry to support talent development, providing the upskilling opportunities and workplace learning that drives industry retention and economic growth. Finally, we create career connections throughout the student journey with a focus on the whole person and the transferability of skills.


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Watch GVSU alumna Shannon Cohen talk about going back to school and the importance of an advanced degree.

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