University Libraries Faculty Committees

Committee Memberships and Appointments

University Libraries Faculty Assembly (ULFA)

The University Libraries Faculty Assembly serves as the chief faculty organization of the University Libraries.

Chair, Ashley Rosener (2022-2024)

ULFA Bylaws (Revised 2019)

University Libraries Faculty Assembly Executive Committee

Convened at the discretion of ULFA Chair.  Serves as the clearinghouse for matters to be presented to the Faculty Assembly and advises the Chair.

Chair, Ashley Rosener (2022-2024)

Standing Committees

University Libraries Faculty Development & Support Committee

Advises on and supports activities relating to mentoring, professional development, and scholarly activity assistance.

Chair, Maya Hobscheid (2022-2023)

University Libraries Personnel Committee (LPC)

Personnel Committee to recommend action concerning regular faculty appointment renewals, promotion, tenure, and periodic performance reviews within the University Libraries (see GVSU Policies, BOT 4.2.1, BOT 4. Chap. 4, Sect. 2.10.1, Sect. 2.10.2, and Sect. 2.10.8).

Members: Kim Ranger (2025), Jeffrey Daniels (UL 2023), Barbara Hooper (CHP 2023), Scott Rood (CECI, 2024), Jeremy Robinson (CLAS, 2025), Annie Bélanger (ex-officio, University Libraries Dean)

University Libraries Personnel Process Committee (ULPPC)

Responsible for the review of the University Libraries Faculty guidelines for tenure and promotion. The Committee assists the Designated Unit Head for Library Personnel Actions in drafting the agendas for unit personnel review meetings.

Chair, Patrick Roth (2023)

University Libraries Teaching Awards Committee

Manages the annual process of submitting candidates for the Faculty and Teaching Learning Center’s (FTLC’s) Pew Teaching Excellence Awards.

Chair, Marcia Masters (2023)

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