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Lee Van Orsdel Honorary Endowment

The Grand Valley State University Libraries prides itself on its innovative and forward-thinking approach to library spaces, services, and programming. Due to changing student needs and the quickly evolving nature of technologies, GVSU Libraries strives to be creative, flexible, and cognizant of opportunities to better serve our community.

Named in honor of former University Libraries’ Dean, Lee Van Orsdel, the Lee Van Orsdel Honorary Endowment was created to enhance and sustain inspiring and forward-thinking student spaces at all GVSU Library locations. With your gift to the Lee Van Orsdel Honorary Endowment, you can help ensure the library continues to be a leader in innovative student spaces and services today and into the future. (insert pics of DCL)


Lee Van Orsdel Fund

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Library Gifts and Donations Fund

Grand Valley State University students have a wide range of study habits and space preferences. To address that diversity, the Libraries try to create a variety of spaces that can accommodate collaborative group work or individual quiet study, along with varied choices of furnishings options from which our students can choose. Since our students and their preferences change over time, it is important that we are able to address those changes and make necessary adjustments when needed. 

Gifts to the Library Gifts and Donations Fund help the Libraries meet the current and future needs of our student population in many ways. Donations to this fund enhance the student experience through:

  • Exciting environmental improvements allow us to continue to have a variety of space options for our students to choose from. (insert pics of tables, whiteboards, sit/stand desk)
  • Advanced training for student colleagues as well as library colleagues for emerging services 
  • Collections to address new areas of study and research 
  • Professional development travel funding for student colleagues, helping them in their future career path

This fund helps us today.


University Library Endowment

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The following special funds also support the University Libraries. Please contact the University Development Office for information on how to donate to these special funds.

Rare Books and Special Collections Fund

At GVSU Libraries’ Seidman House, archivists and staff procure, preserve, and grow an extensive collection of rare books, manuscripts, artwork, digital files, and locally distinguished materials. By preserving history in a variety of formats, these collections support teaching, high-impact learning experiences, and research for GVSU faculty, staff, and students as well as enable continued learning for researchers in our West Michigan community and across the nation. A few of our notable collections include Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, veteran’s history, the history of the book and printing arts, incunabula, and Grand Rapids and Michigan history.  

The Rare Books and Special Collections fund exists for those who wish to financially support these rare and unique materials through the development, maintenance, and preservation of all special, distinguished, and archival collections.  


University Library Endowment

At Grand Valley State University Libraries, we provide exemplary spaces, services, employment, and scholarship opportunities for our students. Students learn how to be good stewards of information through impactful learning experiences both in their academic endeavors and as they transition to the next phase of their life.

A gift to the University Library Endowment, provides funding for special project assistantships or scholarships for our students that teach information literacy skills, supports external professional development opportunities for student employees, or larger scale projects for spaces today and into the future. 


Donating Materials to the University Libraries

Material donations for the University Libraries' collection must meet the criteria laid out in our Gify Policy.

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