Claimed Returned Form

Have you received an overdue notice for a book you are sure you returned? Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this form to contest responsibility for library item you believe was returned.
  2. Library staff will search for missing item.
  3. If found, the item will be discharged from your account.
  4. If item is not located within three months, you will be contacted and we will discuss options to resolve the issue.
  5. Your record will indicate “claims returned status” for missing item which will allow you continued access to library privileges.
  6. Be advised that you will continue to receive overdue notices -the system issues them automatically.  These may be ignored for the time being.
  7. We ask that you please continue to search for missing item.  If found, please return promptly to library and notify a service desk assistant.

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Please see the emailed overdue notice for the following details about the item.

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Page last modified September 13, 2023