Photo Gallery

Conference on the Americas 2015 (2 Photos)

The 13th Conference on the Americas “Borders and Conflict Zones in the Americas” was presented by the Latin American Studies program at Grand Valley State University. Contact zones are places where the powerful and the seemingly powerless encounter one another with a mix of resistance and accommodation, and in the process they alter one another. These zones are where defenders of the status quo wrangle with advocates of novel ideas and practices, changing the differences between the two. They are habitats and terrains that produce and interact with new species or environmental factors.

Tumbao! Rumba Guaguanco! Bembe! Cumbia! (2 Photos)

LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES and AFRICAN/AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES welcomed Josh Dunigan. Over the past fifteen years, Joshua Dunigan has used his love of world music to teach and perform Afro-Cuban and Latin percussion to students of all ages. Josh's interactive performance places traditional Cuban, Brazilian, and Andean rhythms in a contemporary setting. Students are invited to learn how to play Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms in a relaxed settings using bongos, bells, and claves; all students need to bring is their hands. Students will come away with a better understanding of the fundamentals of rhythm and will have the opportunity to practice proper playing technique.

Edward Paulino Lecture 2015 (2 Photos)

Edward Paulino presented Bearing witness to the 1937 Haitian Massacre and its Legacy: How a diplomatic letter, an activist's death, and the internet sparked a social movement for reconciliation and equality.

Day of Dead (Dia de los Muertos) - 2015 (5 Photos)

On November 2, 2015, Mexican artist, Roli Mancera created an altar in the to celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos!).  Students were able to place pictures of loved ones who have passed away on the altar. 

Aquí Estamos: Here We Are (4 Photos)

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photographer, Jose Galvez presented his photos in his exhibit entitled, "Aquí Estamos: Here We Are"

A Lost Innocence: The Forgotten Children of Central America (3 Photos)

Chicago Bus Trip 2014 (4 Photos)

Spotlight on Santo Domingo 2014 (3 Photos)

A 10-day long celebration of Dominican culture meant to introduce students to the history, music, and literature of the Dominican Republic.

Latin American Film Festival 2013 (3 Photos)

Ginetta Candelario (1 Photos)

Latin American Studies welcomed sociologist Ginetta Candelario, who presented a lecture entitled, "One Hundred Years of Dominican Feminism."