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Film Showing: The First Rainbow Coalition (1 Photos)

Josefina Báez (2 Photos)

Josefina Báez is a writer, actress, and director from La Romana, Dominican Republic. "Comrade Bliss Ain’t Playing” is performance poetry that explores the ideas of mysticism, self-affirmation, spirituality, language, identity, love and courage.

Day of the Dead 2019 (4 Photos)

The Day of Dead celebration was held on Thursday, Oct 31 2019.

Sotomayor Olympic Movement Talk 2019 (1 Photos)

Photo of speaker, Sotomayor, at podium

Trip to Detroit Institute of Art 2019 (2 Photos)

Day of the Dead 2018 (7 Photos)

Imperial Lines, Indigenous Lands: Spatial History of South American Borders (6 Photos)

Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival (8 Photos)

Detroit Institute of Arts (5 Photos)

El Canto Del Colibri (2 Photos)