LAS Committees

Executive Committee Fall 2015

Adriana Almanza (Admissions)
Mayra Fortes Gonzalez (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Raul Ysasi (School of Education)
Michael Wroblewski (Anthropology Department)
John Weber (Geology)
Andrew Schlewitz (Political Sciences/LAS)
Medar Serrata (Modern Languages and Literatures)
David Stark (History/LAS Coordinator)
Michael Huner (History)

Advisory Committee 2015-2016

Keith Watts (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Jim Penn (Geography)
Doris Penn (Records/Administration)
Andrew Schlewitz (Political Sciences/ LAS)
Mayra Fortes Gonzalez (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Paola (Mirta) Leon (Social Work)
Michael Huner (History Department)
Michael Wroblewski (Anthropology)
Salvador Lopez (Admission office)
Adriana Almanza (Admission office)
Raul Ysasi (College of Education)
Dennis Malaret (Sociology Department)
Henry Matthews (Art Gallery)
David Stark (History Department//LAS Program Coordinator)
Medar Serrata (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Zulema Moret (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Christopher Shaffer (Anthropology Department)
Christian Trefftz (Computer Science)
Nora Salas (History Department)
Salvador Lopez Arias (Social Work)
Joel Stillerman (Sociology Department)
Aaron Schuelke (School of Communications)


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