How the LAS Minor benefited me!

"I chose to pursue an LAS minor originally because it combined well with my degree in Spanish education, unaware of the invaluable benefits and opportunities that it would lend to both personally and professionally. The coursework challenged me and taught me to love history, connected me with wonderful professors and students, and encouraged me to try new experiences. The minor is the primary reason I traveled to Chile to do my senior research project. In a place where I spoke Spanish with the people, visited monuments and museums, learned to admire different ways of life, and applied my research skills, Latin American history came to life. The cultural competence I gained out of this experience, studying in Spain, and the courses within the minor itself prepared me to apply for and receive a Fulbright English Teaching Award to Spain in 2018-2019, where I will continue to pursue my passions for language, culture, history and exploration."

Shannon Theis 




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