K-12 Connect Virtual Tutoring

GVSU K-12 Connect Virtual Tutoring is available for any student in grades K-12 beginning.  This program is a free, virtual 1:1 tutoring/homework support service in which students can harness additional learning support through connecting with university students, faculty, or staff with expertise in various subjects through Zoom.  Whether you are looking for a one-time appointment or recurring, weekly sessions, the tutoring center can accommodate any student's tutoring needs.

Students must bring homework or content to work on to every tutoring session.

Tutoring subject areas are displayed with icons above them for the subjects of Math, Social Studies, Modern Language, Science, and English Language Arts.

Follow These Steps to Find a Tutor

Step 1: Consent

Complete an online parental consent form for every child using K-12 Connect services. 

Step 2: Search and Sign Up

Search for an available tutor.  Click "Select an Option" to choose your subject and grade level. Click "Show Filter Options" to narrow your search based on availability.  Next, sign up for an appointment.  

Remember, you are only signing up for your first initial session with your tutor.  At the end of your session, if you'd like recurring sessions set up, work with your tutor to determine best day/time/length/and duration of sessions moving forward.  Your tutor will set them all up for you.  

Specific instructions on how to sign up and create an account profile are listed below:

  1. Choose the best date/time slot for your session.
  2. Click “Login using Personal Email”
  3. Login
    1. If it’s your first time using the system, click “Register” on the bottom left.
    2. If you are a returning user, sign-in with the email address and password you created when you first registered.
  4. Enter your cell phone number to receive a text reminder before your session.
  5. Answer the five questions.  Answers will be shared with your tutor.
  6. Click “Submit Reservation”

Step 3: Join and Learn

Join your first virtual tutoring session through the Zoom link provided in your confirmation email. Be sure to have homework or content for you tutor to assist with.  Students will begin in a waiting room until the receptionist is available to check them in and move them into their tutoring room. 

Get to you know your tutor and share items you need support in.  At the end of your time, decide if this will be a recurring session.  If so, agree on a recurring day, time, length, and duration before leaving your session. Your tutor will set up future appointments. 

Step 4: Feedback

Complete the short survey that will be linked in a follow-up email.  This will help us to continually improve the virtual tutoring service.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact k12connect@gvsu.edu.