GVSU K-12 Connect Summer Closure

GVSU K-12 Connect is now closed to the general public throughout the summer. Please watch for updated information regarding the fall (coming soon).

Any schools interested in partnering with K-12 Connect for the upcoming school year may contact Amirah Vosburgh at


Since K-12 Connect began amidst the pandemic in 2020, the program has served students all around the state of Michigan and has utilized the volunteer support of a significant number of GVSU students, faculty, and staff.

For more specific details on its impact within the university and across Michigan, see below for the latest data.   

As of May 2021

Number of Sessions Per County

Heat Map of Number of Sessions Per County in Michigan







K-12 Connect has supported students across all areas of Michigan. 

As of May 2021, the program has served students in over 55 counties in the state.

Refer to the heat map (left) for the latest data on sessions held across the state. The colors correspond with the frequency of sessions held in each county.

15000+ Sessions Held
15000+ Sessions Held
2200+ Students Served
2200+ Students Served
550+ Tutors/Mentors
550+ Tutors/Mentors

“This has been a huge help for my fully online kids. I appreciate the tutors greatly and this program. I would love to see this continue even if it wasn't for online school but even when my kids go back full time into the school system. The 1:1 connection makes it a huge difference for their education and I am grateful!”

-K-12 Connect parent

“I thought Julia was great! She was a wonderful tutor, and I've only had good experiences with GVSU tutors so far. I'm so grateful for this service because it's pretty much the only thing getting me through my classes and to graduation right now. I'm thankful that this service is free and has a lot of awesome tutors.”

K-12 Connect student

“These sessions have been so helpful for my son. My goal for him really is just to continue liking school and remaining interested in learning new things. He is in virtual school and is grateful for the one-on-one support. Meeting with his tutor every week allows him to finish up anything he didn't during the week, making him much less stressed and greatly improving our family dynamic. We are so thankful that this is offered!”

K-12 Connect parent

“Miss Leya helped me better understand my math problems. She is patient in showing me how to solve math problems. I feel very comfortable with her. I use to be shy about asking for help.”

K-12 Connect student


If you have any questions or concerns, contact

You are welcome to speak with a K-12 Connect Specialist by connecting to the K-12 Connect Zoom site and asking to join the support room. A support person is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To connect to Zoom, click the button below and refer to the login information:

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Zoom Meeting ID: 616 331 5000

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