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The information for the list of ITEX sites in not complete.  ITEX has no dedicated funding and all activities of the network are performed on a voluntary basis.  Therefore detailed information of the past 30 years of activity are not readily available.  Each ITEX synthesis includes a list of sites included, however these lists are not a complete listing of all the ITEX sites at the time (rather they represent the sites that contributed data to the synthesis).  The above stated, the below represents most current and former ITEX sites. Sites with experimental warming are denoted as red circles.  Sites without experimental warming are noted as blue diamonds.  Clicking the image of the map will take you offsite to an interactive map.

ITEX Survey of Sites & People

If your site is not included, then please fill out the surveys of information associated with current and former ITEX sites.

Full results of the survey of sites.

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