Viewing a Shared Calendar

  1. Click on the Calendar icon in the Navigation Pane
Mail in the Navigation Pane

2. Click the Open Calendar button on the Home tab

Open Calendar Button

3. Select Open Shared Calendar from the pop up menu that appears

Shared Calendar

4. In the Name Box, type the name of the person whose calendar you want to view.

Open a Shared Calendar

5. If you do not know the name, click the Name Button.  The Select Name: Global Address List dialog box appears. Select a name from this dialog box and click OK. You will be returned to the Open Shared Calendar dialog box

Global Address List

6. Click OK to open the Calendar.


Notes: If you have been granted permission to open the calendar, it is added to the Shared Calendars list on the Navigation Pane and displayed next to your open calendars.  The names of the calendars currently displayed appear in the Navigation Pane with their check boxes selected. If you do not want to display this calendar, just uncheck the box. The next time you want to view the calendar, click the check box. 

Page last modified July 19, 2019