Technology Supply Office - for GVSU faculty and staff

The Technology Supply Office in the Information Technology Division handles procurement of all computer equipment for GVSU faculty and staff with university funds. Our staff works to ensure that equipment purchased is compliant with the latest policies, guidelines, and security features to meet the technology goals of the University. Technology Supply has access to educational pricing through reliable vendors. Contact [email protected] for current pricing, availability, and specifications.


The ongoing pandemic has caused worldwide delays in shipping. These delays have affected the entire technology industry, particularly disrupting supply chains for retailers everywhere. The Technology Supply Office has not been spared from these disruptions, and as a result we are experiencing significant delays in order fulfillment and deliveries.

We are doing our best to accurately project the timelines for all orders, but the unpredictability in the global supply chain means that there is always a risk of orders being delayed beyond our estimations. To ensure that you receive your order in a timely fashion, we recommend that you place your order at least 5 to 7 weeks before you anticipate needing your product. 

We understand that it is not always possible to anticipate your technology needs but, when possible, doing so will dramatically increase the chances that you will not experience any additional delays in receiving your product.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and we are happy to follow up with you regarding any questions or concerns you have related to existing or future orders.


Information Technology requires all GVSU funded computer hardware, peripherals (e.g. external drives, mice, keyboards, USB devices, etc.) and software be purchased through the Technology Supply Office.  If the Technology Supply Office is unable to purchase the item, Tech Supply will coordinate with the department on other purchasing options. Personal purchase with reimbursement is prohibited.

If you have questions, please contact the Technology Supply office at (616) 331-2130 or [email protected].

For additional information, please refer to the Technology Supply Policy.


Information Technology evaluates both Macintosh and Windows computers to offer approved models that meet security requirements, functionality, network connectivity, and compatibility with classroom technology. 

Supported software is site licensed to provide the best pricing.

Information Technology offers technical support for all currently supported hardware and software. Contact the IT Service Desk to initiate a work request.

For additional information, see the Technology Supply Procedures.


Information Technology has stock items for both PC and MAC computers available for IDC purchase for delivery or pick up.  Please contact Tech Supply ([email protected]) to request a stock item or check if new stock items are available.

  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Webcams
  • Headsets
  • Select cables


Order your own cables with a GVSU purchasing card from this GVSU approved vendor Cables 2 Go without Tech Supply approval. Per the Tech Supply policy above, any vendor outside of Cables 2 Go, still requires prior authorization from Tech Supply.  If you are not sure what cable you need, please contact [email protected].

  • Non Approved Items
    • Docking stations
    • Data communication equipment
    • Physical Infrastructure items


There are pre-approved Apple peripherals that you can now order at the Laker Store with your GVSU purchasing card.  If the item you want to order is not on the pre-approved list or not in stock at the Laker Store, please contact [email protected].

Technology Supply

  • ALL computer requests are to be coordinated through the IT Technology Supply Office.
  • Information Technology may fund computers for faculty and staff in the Academic and Student Affairs division.  Please check with the IT Technology Supply Office to see if your computer requisition is centrally funded.
  • IT will provide funding for a new computer for new line positions, tenure and tenure-track faculty positions, and affiliate faculty positions with approval.
  • Placement of a refurbished computer by IT with approval for adjunct and visiting faculty, student and graduate positions, and part time positions.
  • Non-academic divisions are responsible to provide funding for all computer requests.
  • ALL computers must meet GVSU IT vendor supported approval and GVSU IT security standards.  Computers unable to meet these requirements must be approved by IT for proper setup as a standalone machines.
  • The replacement of computers is contingent upon many factors including security requirements, performance of software applications, equipment age, and repair history.
  • Computers that are replaced with IT funds will be re-purposed by IT.
  • In some instances, one or more employees may share one computer.
  • General Rule: One computer per employee.
    • Exceptions to the Rule: Occasionally a faculty or staff member may require an additional special need computer for a dedicated purpose inconsistent with the use of the normal IT supplied office computer (e.g. field research, computational work, or data processing with special security needs).
    • IT funds are not to be used to fund additional special need computers.   These computers must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Dean or designee.
    • Purchase of special need computers are to be coordinated through the IT Technology Supply Office.
  • Contact the IT Service Desk to reassign a computer to a different faculty or staff member. IT must provision the computer for the new user to ensure up to date security and network protocols.
  • Computers that do not meet current supported standards will be replaced by a refurbished computer if available. In some cases, the department may have to purchase a new computer.
  • Departments outside of IT are not to image or setup a University computer for re-assignment

In an ongoing effort (that will take many months) to protect GVSU employees and data, all GVSU issued faculty/staff computers will meet minimum security protocols.  These security protocols are built into the GVSU supported image that are issued with a Windows 10 or Macintosh computer.  Information Technology will make every effort to upgrade existing computers to incorporate the standard GVSU image with the security protocols.  If the computer is not capable of accepting the current GVSU standard image, the computer will be replaced with a model that can support the image.  Information Technology will inform the faculty/staff member or department when this situation is discovered and will work with them to replace the computer in a reasonable timeframe. Depending on the situation, this may result in a purchase from the department to replace the computer. The security benefits you gain with Windows 10 are:

  • BitLocker – Full Disk Encryption
  • Credential Guard – Protection of GVSU credentials in hardware based secure execution environment
  • Splunk – Enterprise Auditing and Logging of workstation security events
  • Security Standards – Enterprise Security Templates/Policies enabled for GVSU workstations
  • Installed Browser Standards – Chrome/Firefox distributed by Enterprise distribution environment allowing for standard configuration and timely updates to 3rd party browsers.
  • Layered Anti-Virus/Malware Security
  • Secure Boot Environment – using Secure Boot/Trusted Boot
  • Enterprise Software Deployment and Inventory
  • Wireless Authentication – using 802.1x with TLS
  • As computers and operating systems become unsupported, Information Technology will discontinue support. 
  • Contact the IT Service Desk to pick up University computer equipment that is no longer needed.
  • Computers are not to be sold or issued for non-GVSU use.
  • Network printers need to meet security and remote management requirements. Contact IT Technology Supply Office for help choosing a supported model that meets your department needs.
  • Non-networked printer requests must be funded by the requesting department.
  • Non-networked printers are not for use wirelessly on campus.
  • Standard software on all GVSU computers includes Microsoft Office, Outlook email, Adobe Reader, and a VPN client.
  • Computers have anti-virus protection and are configured to connect to the network for file sharing, backup, and printing.
  • Personal computers and mobile devices are not supported by Information Technology.
  • All features of network file access and printing are not available for personal devices.
  • Personal wireless routers are not allowed on the network. Contact the IT Service Desk to report poor Wi-Fi coverage.
  • GVSU PCards should not be tied to GVSU owned mobile devices OR mobile device purchases.
  • Re-imbursement is not allowed for mobile device app purchases.
  • Costs associated with mobile device apps are the responsibly of the individual/end user.

We encourage departments to maintain an inventory of their equipment.  Sample email verbiage to collect the data within your department.  Sample excel spreadsheet to manage the inventory.

Tech Supply needs to know renewal AND non-renewal information for each fiscal year no later than June 10th. Failure to complete the form by June10th will result in a non-refundable charge to your department FOAP as Adobe will charge GVSU. As a reminder, Adobe CCS is the only option that provides Adobe Acrobat for the Macintosh users.  See Adobe CCS Overview below for a complete list of software the subscription includes. 

The cost for the renewal is $300 for the period of July 1 through June 30. All charges will begin to be applied in mid July.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Overview

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - RENEWAL Request Form

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - CANCEL Request Form

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite NEW Request Form 

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