Setup Dual Monitors

  1. You should be presented with a menu like the one shown below.

2. Click on the 'Screen resolution' menu item.

Desktop Drop-down Menu

3. A window similar to the one below should appear.

Screen Resolution Window - Dual Screen

4. If you do not see two displays in the section at the top, click on the Detect button next to the monitor.

5. Once both displays appear like the image above you can select how you want the displays to work.

6. Next to the Multiple Displays heading there is a drop down menu that lets you select the different options available to you.

Screen Resolution Drop-down Menu

7. The Duplicate these displays option makes the same thing appear on both monitors.

8. The Extend these displays option extends your screen to the other computer. This allows you to have different things on each display. The picture below gives an example of this. There is a word document open full screen on one monitor while internet explorer is open full screen on the other.

Extended Display

9. The Show desktop only on 1 option only displays things on the first monitor. The second monitor will go black and enter power save mode.

10. The Show desktop only on 2 option only displays things on the second monitor. The first monitor will go black and enter power save mode.

11. Once you have selected the option you want click apply. The screen may flicker or go black while the settings are being changed.

12. When the screen comes back a box will appear asking if you want to keep the changes or revert to the previous settings. If you are happy with the new settings select Keep changes. Otherwise, click Revert and choose a different option.

Keep or Revert CHanges Prompt

Page last modified August 22, 2019