Self Service Banner Password Reset

Self Service Banner Password change

  1. Open your web browser, making sure Block Pop-Ups is not active.
  2. Go to the main GVSU web page at
  3. Click on the Banner icon just to the right of the Blackboard icon (looks like a flag or banner).
  4. The myBanner Main window should now be visible and should looks like this.
  5. Input your G-number in the User ID box.
  6. Check and complete the "I am not a robot" reCAPTCHA.
  7. Then click on the "Forgot Password?" button.
  8. Type in the answer to your security question and click on the "Submit Answer" button.
  9. Enter your new Password in the two boxes, making sure you type it the same in both. A minimum length of 6 characters is required; have to use letters and numbers; do not make the Password more that 20 characters or it will not work.
  10. Once you click on the "Reset Password" button, it will verify that the Password meets the required specifications. If the new Password is accepted, the browser is sent back to the myBanner Main Menu page.
  11. NOTE: This does not change your username/password used for email, blackboard or computer login

Page last modified June 25, 2019