Reset your Network/Outlook email password.

GVSU network passwords expire every 180 days. You will get a notification email prior to expiration with a warning that your password is about to expire.

If you have a mobile device that accesses email and/or WIFI such as an (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smartphone, non-GVSU personal computer, etc.), please be aware that the password must be changed on that device as well (possibly in two locations: email account and Wifi settings).

Due to increased cybercrime, phishing and malware, IT is increasing the security on GVSU network passwords by increasing the minimum characters from eight to 12. Best practices and security audits also support this decision which will help increase strong passwords to protect GVSU data. Upon receiving notice that your network account is going to expire, please follow GVSU's rules for setting your new password.

There are two methods that you can use to reset your password on a Windows computer and on a Macintosh computer.
   1.    Login to the Outlook web client and change it. This can be done on any computer.
   2.    Use the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination from the login prompt on a GVSU imaged computer.
Outlook Web Client
   1.    Open a web browser.
   2.    Login into Outlook from the web at
   3.    Click on the word, Options, in the upper, right corner of the screen.
   4.    Select [Change your password...] from the dropdown menu.
   5.    Enter your old password and the new password.
   6.    Confirm the new password and click Save.
   7.    The screen should come back with the message, Password Saved.
   8.    Close this window and you will have changed your password.
On Campus Windows users
   1.    Login to your computer, wait until desktop appears.
   2.    Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select, Change a Password.
   3.    Enter your old password and then the new password in the new password box and the confirm password box.
   4.    Click the button with the right arrow in it and it will confirm that your password has been changed.

On Campus Macintosh OSX (on Active Directory) Users
   1.    Login to your computer.
   2.    You will get a notice on startup after logging that your password will expire in a certain number of days, and a button exists to Change Password.
   3.    Click Change Password.
   4.    Enter your old password and then the new password in the new password box and then confirm new password.
   5.    Click the OK button and it will confirm that your password has been changed.
   6.    A dialogue box appears asking if you want to update the Keychain with the new information; select Update.
   7.    You will be asked to enter your previous (old) password, so the computer can update the Keychain to the new password.


Page last modified July 6, 2017