Students should check with their prospective major college and department to see if they have specific computer requirements. Some may have strong recommendations about computers using particular operating systems.

If there are no specific computer requirements for the student’s program of studies:

  • The computer may be either a desktop or a laptop.
  • The student's computer may be any brand running any operating system; however, students will want to be sure the computer will run applications software they will use for homework (e.g. Microsoft Office or compatible applications).
  • The computer should also be able to run any software that may be required for particular class or major.
  • The computer should be able to connect to GVSU's campus network and the Internet using an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection.
  • Handheld devices, such as Web-enabled personal digital assistants or cell phones, do not meet the requirement.
  • GVSU does not recommend students rely on an Apple iPad, tablet device, or netbook computer as their primary computer due to software limitations.
  • Generally any new computer that is purchased now will be adequate for use at GVSU.

If a laptop computer is chosen, it must have a wireless adaptor to communicate wirelessly with the GVSU network. The GVSU wireless network supports the following wireless communication protocols (802.11a, g, and n). It is also recommended that an Ethernet adaptor be installed to connect to the wired network.

It is extremely important that all computers have virus protection installed and that the software is up to date and running prior to connecting a computer to the GVSU network.


Page last modified May 14, 2013