Printing - Posters

Academic posters cost $25 each and can be printed at the GVSU IT Service Desk (located at 010 LIB on the Allendale campus). Lab printing credits cannot be used to pay for academic posters.

  • Payment methods:
    • Pay at the Student Assistance Center desk (located at STU 150), then bring your original receipt to the IT Service Desk as proof of purchase.
    • Departmental sponsorship: Email notification and approval from your department coordinator is required prior to printing your poster.
  • Policies:
    • Posters are a maximum of 36" x 48" and can only be printed during open IT Service Desk hours.
    • All posters must be academic related. No personal or commercial printing is permitted.
    • All digital formatting edits must be completed prior to visiting the IT Service Desk.
    • Posters should be saved as PowerPoint or PDF files on a personal flash drive or sent as an email attachment to yourself. Other file types may not be supported.
    • Requests for reprints due to user created typographical errors or formatting issues will be charged full price for each additional print.
    • You are responsible for transporting and protecting your poster from rain, snow, etc.

Page last modified July 8, 2022