Printing - Posters

UPDATE: In a collaboration between IT and the Copy Center, Poster Printing will now be done at the Copy Center located at 011 Laker Market Place on the Allendale Campus, with the hours of operation being Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please take a look at the information below. Poster requests can be emailed to [email protected] or via Copy Center Web Store.


  • Process
    • Email a PDF of your poster to [email protected] for the poster to be printed. 
    • Give 1 business day before picking up the poster. 
  • Payment Methods:
    • Pay at the Copy Center (011 LAKER MARKET PLACE ON THE ALLENDALE CAMPUS) when picking up your poster. 
    • Departmental sponsorship: The department coordinator/approver that is paying for the poster needs to submit the request through the Copy Center Web Store or email [email protected] prior to the poster being printed. The Copy Center will charge the department for the price of the poster. 
  • Policies:
    • Academic posters cost $25. Lab printing credits cannot be used to pay for academic posters.
    • Posters are a maximum of 36" x 48".
    • All posters must be academic related. No personal or commercial printing is permitted.
    • All formatting edits must be completed prior to emailing the PDF to the Copy Center.
    • The formatting of the poster should be a PDF. Other file types may not be supported. 
    • Requests for reprints due to user created typographical errors or formatting issues will be charged full price for each additional print.
    • You are responsible for transporting and protecting your poster from rain, snow, etc.

Page last modified August 14, 2023