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GVSU's Digital Creator Lab Receives Gartner Eye on Innovation Award

February 28, 2024

GVSU's Digital Creator Lab Receives Gartner Eye on Innovation Award

Congratulations to Grand Valley's Digital Creator Lab (DCL) for being selected as a finalist in the 2023 Gartner Eye on Innovation in Education Awards.  

The DCL is a collaborative project of University Libraries and Information Technology on the 2nd floor of the Mary Idema Pew Library.  Since its opening in 2023, the DCL has bridged technology access gaps. It provides lendable equipment, media pods, a podcasting booth, asynchronous online tutorials, and computer stations with audio and video editing software.  

Additionally, academic and creative support comes from Digital Skills Consultants. These Consultants staff the DCL and help students with questions about digital projects, including digital content creation, project approach, and data visualization. The DCL also supports faculty interested in developing assignments and pedagogy that incorporate digital skills as part of learning outcomes.  

Gartner selects leaders in the education industry who have demonstrated excellence in using innovation to drive growth and achieve institutional objectives.  The DCL was selected as a finalist for recognizing the need for increased digital literacy skills within the university and taking strategic and intentional steps to bridge this gap. 

Further information on this university service can be found on the Digitial Creator Lab webpage. Visit the Gartner Eye on Innovation Award for Education website for additional information. 


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Page last modified February 28, 2024