GVSU Print Limit Rules and Policies

  • The PRINT ALL, within the print release software, has been disabled so that all jobs will not print as you must now release them individually
  • Print limits stay the same
    • Job limit per student = 40 printed/copied pages (if duplex, 20 physical sheets)
    • Semester limit per student = 500 printed/copied pages (if duplexed, 250 physical sheets)
  • Pages will be tracked at $.05 for a single sided print and $0.10 a double sided print, starting with $25 per semester of FREE printing
  • A new website to purchase print pages per student account, via Credit Card only, will allow for the following purchase options:
    • $5           - adds 100 print/copied pages   
    • $10         - adds 200 print/copied pages   
    • $15         - adds 300 print/copied pages   
  • No other $ increments allowed
  • All print pages (free and purchased) will be tracked at $.05 for each printed side,  which is the calculated cost of paper, toner, tracking costs as well as printer amortization
  • Both the free cost of print pages as well as the purchased cost of print pages will show as the total available to a student 
  • Purchased print pages remain with the life of the student account and do not expire.  Remaining funds after graduation or after a student leaves will not be credited back to the student.
  • Print account balances may not be transferred to another student
  • Free print pages expire at the end of each semester
  • No refunds of purchased pages if money left on the account and student graduates or leaves

Print quotas will be reset based on the following schedule:

  • Fall Semester - reset quota for Fall on the Monday after Summer finals are complete
  • Winter Semester - reset quota for Winter on the Monday after Fall finals are complete
  • Spring/Summer - reset quota for Spring/Summer on the Monday after Winter finals are complete

Page last modified August 20, 2019