DUO Multifactor Authentication

What is Duo and Multifactor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), commonly referred to as Two-Factor Authentication (2FF) provides an additional layer of security for users logging in to a secure environment.

MFA leverages multiple types of authentication:

  • Something you know (GVSU Network ID & password)
  • Something you have (physical device)
  • Something you are (e.g. fingerprint, facial recognition)

GVSU uses Duo Security as its MFA solution. Duo makes authentication easy by allowing individuals to verify their identity using a mobile device - either through an app or using a code sent via text.

MFA Steps

Who Needs Duo?

Faculty and Staff using the Pulse Secure VPN application for remote access to sensitive information will be required to use DUO when connecting to the VPN beginning February 3, 2020.

Please note that not all GVSU Faculty and Staff will require the VPN to connect securely from off campus. The criteria below will help determine if the VPN is needed in your case for a secure connection. If you have any questions please contact the IT Helpdesk at helpdesk@gvsu.edu or 616-331-2101.

You do not need to connect to the VPN if the following apply:

  • All work is performed on a GVSU imaged Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer both on campus and at home.
  • Access is limited to non-sensitive data.

You will need to connect to the VPN if any of the following apply:

  • A personal computer or device is used to access GVSU sensitive data (see list of systems below that require DUO).
  • A GVSU imaged Macintosh computer is used to access GVSU sensitive data while off campus (see list of systems below that require DUO).

Systems requiring VPN when connecting from off campus:

  • Banner Admin
  • Banner Workflow
  • OnBase
  • Argos
  • SasDatamine
  • Ultratime
  • GVSU Faculty/Staff Additional Student Information

How do you sign up for DUO?

If after reviewing the above info you feel you need Multifactor Authentication for VPN, or if you've been directed to sign up for DUO you can do so by logging in here:

Request Duo

Once signed in you'll click the 'Request Access' button under the Duo panel, as shown.

Duo Enrollment Screen