Connect an Android device to GVSU wireless

1. Select Settings on your Android Phone or Tablet.

2. Select Wi-Fi under Settings.

3. Select the appropriate network you want to connect to

• You should use GV-Faculty-Staff if you are faculty or staff and GV-Student if you are a student at GVSU. The other networks listed can be used if you have a GVSU login ID and password but are meant for guests at the university.

• EDUROAM can be used by guests on campus who have a login ID from a school or university who participates in the EDUROAM network.

• The GV-Guest network is meant for guests at GVSU who have been given a guest ID and password.


4. Select MSVCHAPV2 from the dropdown list as the Phase 2 Authentication method

5. Enter your user name and password as the Identity. This is your GVSU login ID and the password you use to connect to your email or Blackboard accounts.


6. Tap Connect in the lower right corner.

7. Select trust or accept on any certificate notices, which may come up.

8. Once you have successfully connected to the wireless network you will see it listed with a check next to it under Wi-Fi.


If you are required to enter a domain when you attempt to connect to a GVSU wifi network, please navigate to


Page last modified August 12, 2021