Classroom Technology

Standard Classroom

The current standard classroom technology consists of the following technology:

  • Instructor station
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • AV Switch
  • HDMI & USB-C
  • Laser projector
  • Audio System
  • Webcam
  • Button panel control

Enhanced Classroom

An enhanced classroom consists of the following technology:

  • Standard Classroom configuration
  • Ability to project different content to multiple screens
  • Wireless technology
  • Touch panel on podium
  • Voice reinforcement with microphone array
  • Apple TV/Miracast ready

Note: Specific requests and funding have also provided some classrooms with the following enhanced technology that is not standard to each room:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Dual Displays
  • Hearing loops

List of enhanced classrooms on campus.

Active Learning Classroom

An active learning classroom consists of the following technology:

  • Enhanced Classroom configuration
  • Workspaces for student breakout areas and presentation both for the group and larger classroom
  • Additional voice reinforcement

Definition: learning spaces (physical and virtual) designed to facilitate active student engagement and collaborative learning, featuring flexible layouts and integrated technologies.

Note: some current active learning classrooms have flexible furniture only with no additional technology.

Classroom design, including technology and furniture, are taken into consideration for curriculum needs.

List of Active Learning Classrooms on campus.

Page last modified May 25, 2021