Shaping Narratives

January 21, 2020

Shaping Narratives

We are so excited to see the incredible work of the “Shaping Narratives” team brought to a national audience. This path-breaking effort takes a new approach to public media – training community leaders of color to be storytellers through broadcast media, then lending them a platform. Its goal is to increase West Michigan and WGVU’s capacity to influence public narratives affecting communities of color including a whole range of IRIS and Brooks College students, faculty, and staff.


Co-directed by WGVU Producer Mariano Avila (who is also an IRIS adjunct faculty) and WGVU Grants Manager Steve Chappell, this project was supported by Andrea Riley-Mukavetz (assistant professor, IRIS) and Melanie Shell-Weiss (department chair, IRIS) who provided training and evaluation as part of this W.K. Kellogg funded project. The programs are hosted by Lin Bardwell (Integrative Studies alum), George Walker, III (member of the Social Innovation Advisory Council), Alice Jasper (whose show features OUR Associate Director David Martin), Rishi Makkar (one of our Religious Studies Program partners), and Christine Mwgangi.


We hope you will join us by watching the premieres on PBS through  January and Februa.

Tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 21) at 6 p.m.: Rishi Makkar’s “Meeting God” (Episode 3) premieres on WGVU!

Episode 4 (“Color Out Here” with Alice Jasper primers next week), followed by Christine Mwangi’s “The Black Honest Truth” (Episode 5) and a behind the scenes recap (Episode 6).

Recent episodes:

                “Cultural Ingredients” with George Walker (Episode 1):

                “Ngiiwe” with Lin Bardwell (Episode 2):



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