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REL 310 and 340 Field Trips

REL 310: The Sukkah is on the lawn behind KC, next to the pond. It was set up by the Jewish Hillel student group. The festival of Sukkot (also called feast of booths/huts) lasts from Oct 13-20 and was originally an agricultural festival celebrating the harvest, but the more symbolic meaning commemorates the Exodus of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Just as the people lived in temporary shelters in the Sinai desert, today Jews build temporary structures as a ritual to relive the desert journey experience. Families have meals in the sukkah and some even sleep under it for 7 days of the holiday.

REL 340: Religion and Pop Culture in the United States  -  students traveled to downtown Grand Rapids to look at the murals remaining from ArtPrize years. They were asked to consider how they are interpreted through the lense of Religious Studies.

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