Faculty/Staff Directory

First Name Email Title Office Address
Abeyta, Jacquelyn abeytaj@gvsu.edu Academic Program Coordinator (Traverse City and ACS) 102 Traverse City Regional Center View
Adams, Ellen adamsell@gvsu.edu Associate Professor, Honors College and GVSU Art Gallery 126 Niemeyer View
Benson, Krista bensokri@gvsu.edu Assistant Department Chair and Assistant Professor 318 Lake Ontario Hall View
Blue, Andrea blueand@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty View
Burnside, Marie burnsima@gvsu.edu Affiliate Faculty 241 Lake Ontario Hall View
Butler, Ruth butleru@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty Remote Office Hours please email View
Cano, Mandy Villalobos canomand@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty N/A View
Cope, Dan copedan@gvsu.edu Affiliate Faculty 234 Lake Ontario Hall View
Counter, Max countema@gvsu.edu Affiliate Faculty 246 Lake Ontario Hall View
DeBoer, Nathan deboenat@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty N/A View
Doughtery, Fiona dougherf@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty Remote Office Hours please email View
Fairman, Kate fairmank@gvsu.edu Affiliate Faculty (Traverse City Campus) Traverse City Regional Center View
Goerisch, Denise goeriscd@gvsu.edu Assistant Professor 315 Lake Ontario Hall View
Gottleib, Gabriele gottlieg@gvsu.edu Associate Professor of History D-1-218 MAK View
Hardley, Jamillya "Jay" hardleja@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty View
Hewitt, Avis hewitta@gvsu.edu Professor, Department of English 127 Lake Huron Hall View
Hussain, Azfar hussaina@gvsu.edu Associate Professor and Interim Graduate Program Director of Social Innovation 240 Lake Ontario Hall View
Jameslyn, Jennifer jameslyj@gvsu.edu Director, Brooks College Office of Integrative Learning and Advising 260 Lake Michigan Hall View
Jenkins, Shawn jenkisha@gvsu.edu Professional Advisor (LEADS and ACS) View
Kanpol, Barry kanpolb@gvsu.edu Professor of Education in Honors 134 Niemeyer View
Keen, Lynnette keenly@gvsu.edu Academic Program Coordinator 324 Lake Ontario Hall View
Kibet, Justine kibetjus@gvsu.edu Academic Program Coordinator, Social Innovation 167 Lake Michigan Hall View
Kilbourne, Elizabeth kilbouel@gvsu.edu Adjunct Faculty TBD View
Kilbourne, John kilbourj@gvsu.edu Professor of Sports Management 4435 KHS View
Kopperl, Shel kopperls@gvsu.edu Emeritus Professor (Retired), Jointly Appointed (Biomedical Sciences and IRIS) N/A View

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