Brooks College Procedure for Handling Incompletes

Here is the university’s policy on Incomplete grades. The expectation is that Incompletes are issued infrequently, and only in extenuating circumstances:

This is a temporary grade given for work that is lacking in quantity to meet course objectives. It may be assigned when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons generally beyond the control of the student prevent completion of the course requirements by the end of the semester. This grade may not be given as a substitute for a failing grade or withdrawal. Unless changed by the instructor, the “I” will be changed to an “F” (“NC” when appropriate) according to this schedule: fall semester incompletes, end of winter semester; winter and spring/summer incompletes, end of fall semester.

  1. When an incomplete is issued, a faculty member will submit the following documentation to the unit head in order to ensure that if the faculty member is absent in a future semester, the adjustment of the “Incomplete” to letter grade can be processed.
    1. A list of the work that must be completed by the student for the “I” to be resolved.
    2. A copy of the Incomplete form, which clearly articulates the reason for the “I”
    3. The course syllabus, with grading policy.
    4. If possible, grading rubrics for any of the student’s outstanding work.
    5. A copy of all of the student’s grades up to the point of the Incomplete
    6. A copy of any of the student’s work still in the possession of the faculty member.
    7. A written acknowledgment from the student indicating she/he understands the consequences of not completing the work. An email from the student’s official GVSU email account will suffice.


In the case of practicum, internship, Honors College thesis, independent study, or other project-based credits, it is understood that the faculty member will provide the unit head with as many of the above documents as possible, or substitute internship/learning contracts where appropriate.

The unit head will keep the above paperwork on file until the student completes the work for the course and a grade change form is submitted by the instructor.

  1. At the end of each term, the unit head will consult with the faculty member who issued Incompletes in the previous term to determine whether students have followed through on finishing the work.
    • In cases where the faculty member is not on campus and cannot be reached, the unit head will evaluate any student work relating to an Incomplete and process the requisite course change form.
    • In cases where a student has not completed the course’s work, the unit head will submit a grade of “F” (or “NC”) on the grade change form.