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Interfaith conference will draw participants from area colleges

February 10, 2020

Original Source: FORUM

Campus Interfaith Resources will hold its fourth annual Made In Michigan Interfaith Lab, an interfaith conference for students, faculty and staff members from area colleges and universities.

Kevin McIntosh, coordinator of Campus Interfaith Resources, said the lab will include programming for people in various stages of their faith journeys: beginner, intermediate and a track designated for the educators who are attending. 

Made In Michigan Interfaith Lab will be held February 22, beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the DeVos Center, building C. 

Isabella Lieberman, a sophomore at Grand Valley and student intern for Campus Interfaith Resources, said this event brings together interfaith programs in a way that benefits them all, while keeping a focus on leadership. 

“Interfaith isn’t talked about too often, so you get to talk about that, but also leadership,” Lieberman said. “Participants will learn about themselves as they learn about other people, too, so it’s exciting.”

The conference will include student speakers and a guest speaker from the Interfaith Youth Core will discuss social justice and how that ties in with interfaith and leadership. 

More information can be found online at gvsu.edu/campusinterfaith.

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