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Affirmation of Gender Identity and Expression Inclusion

February 24, 2017

Transgender members of the GVSU community are protected under university policy, which has and will continue to require equitable treatment according to gender expression and identity. The GVSU Administrative Manual includes gender identity and expression as protected groups on campus and the university's Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment policy explicitly includes provisions that protect individuals based on gender identity and expression. The university takes any form of harassment or discrimination seriously, and will continue to apply these protections to transgender individuals through our Title IX office. Any adverse treatment based on sex, including gender, gender expression, or gender identity should be reported to the Title IX office at www.gvsu.edu/titleix.

Questions or concerns may be directed to the Division of Inclusion and Equity at (616) 331-3296 or [email protected].

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Page last modified February 24, 2017