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King Chavez Parks

The King - Chávez - Parks (KCP) Future Faculty Fellowship Program was created by the Michigan legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King/Chávez/Parks Initiative. The KCP Future Faculty Fellowship (FFF) Program at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is funded by Workforce Development, the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, and the GVSU Graduate School.  

The purpose of the FFF Program is to increase the pool of academically or economically disadvantage candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in postsecondary education.  Preference may not be given to applicants on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or national origin.  

FFF recipients are required, by signed agreement, to pursue and obtain a master's degree at one of the fifteen public universities in Michigan.  FFF recipients are also obligated to obtain a postsecondary faculty teaching or approved administrative position at a public or private, 2- or 4-year, in-state or out-of-state postsecondary institution and remain in that position for up to three (3) years equivalent full-time, dependent upon the amount of the Fellowship Award. Fellows who do not fulfill the obligations of their Fellowship Agreement may be placed in default, which results in the Fellowship converting to a loan, referred to as a KCP Loan, that the Fellow repays to the State of Michigan.


  • U.S. Citizen
  • Applicant must meet the university's requirements for Michigan residency.
  • Completing a master's degree at Grand Valley State University.
  • Good academic standing, as defined by Grand Valley State University.
  • Be academically or economically disadvantaged as defined by the KCP Initiative.
  • Currently not in default on any guaranteed student loan.
  • Previously has not received another FFF Award for the same degree level (master's).
  • Applicant is not currently a recipient of an FFF Award at another university for a degree that has not been completed.
  • At GVSU, KCP Future Faculty Fellow Applications are reviewed once per year in March. This review is conducted by a faculty committee and may include not only a review of the application, but also a screening interview.

The deadline for applications is March 15, 2024. 

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Program Information

Cameron Jones

Civil Rights Specialist

Division of Inclusion and Equity

1 Campus Drive, 4015 James H. Zumberge Hall

Allendale, MI 49401

Phone: (616) 331-2187

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