Igniting Action And Inspiring Transformation

Our Mission

The GVSU I&E Institute furthers the inclusion and equity goals of people, organizations and communities - locally, regionally and nationally.

Our process involves walking and working alongside others to cultivate rich learning environments and meaningful outcomes, grounded in agency and action. 

Our facilitators are a diverse group of academics, practitioners, community leaders and advocates who are passionate and committed to engaging in ways that result in social justice transformation.

Our commitment to community and public service is core to GVSU's mission and strategic priorities. 

Status Quo
Cultivating Growth

We foster meaningful, authentic dialogue around issues that enable or impede progress toward inclusion and equity. These shared learning spaces are centered in humility, and creating radically candid communication that cultivates growth and development.

Breaking Molds

We offer opportunities for self-reflection and personal assessment, highlighting attitudes, and beliefs and behaviors that make evident the dynamics of unconscious bias and systemic oppression. 

Opening MInds

We stimulate the ability of organizations to imagine themselves differently and to move toward a desired future. In doing so, we close the gap between who people and organizations say they are and how they are experienced by others.

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