National Day of Racial Healing

Every year we mark the National Day of Racial Healing (NDORH), as an institution.  Next year this will be January 16, 2024.  In doing so, we join other people, organizations and communities across the United States to acknowledge the need for collective action to create a more just and equitable world.  While this year’s event has passed, new details for this effort will be published in November of every year.

The Inclusion and Equity Institute at Grand Valley State University invites faculty and staff to join us for a book discussion utilizing the Dr. Gail C. Christopher’s Rx Racial Healing: A Guide to Embracing Our Humanity, which unpacks a false belief in a racial hierarchy and provides individuals an overview of the methodology, tools and resources to facilitate transformational change.

Racial healing is supported through: 

    *Respectful dialogue 
    *Recognition and affirmation of people and their experiences
    *Connectedness to individual cultures, histories, and practices
    *The sense of agency, nurtured through racial justice activism 

Many would like to talk about the impact of racism and the need for racial healing in our country but don’t know where to start. Some worry that others won’t understand their points of view or that what they say or do might be offensive. This is a space for people at all levels of learning and experience.

Page last modified June 9, 2023