Injury Services

Injury Evaluation

  • A certified athletic trainer is available to look over any injuries you may have.
  • These include both sudden injuries (such as twisting an ankle) and longer-term injuries (such as shoulder pain after lifting weights.)
  • Through a series of questions and assessments, we will help determine the nature of your injury.
Injury Care Clinic staff helping a patient.

Acute Injury Care

  • Our certified professional staff are available to help treat sudden injuries due to physical activity.

Basic Taping

  • Our staff is available for taping of joints prior to athletic activity, by request.
  • Remember that individuals must either bring their own supplies, or purchase them at the Injury Care Clinic.

Preventative Measures

  • You don't need to wait until something is wrong to come see us!
  • Our staff can also help with preventing injury due to physical activity.

Professional Referrals

  • Although our staff are certified medical professionals, we do not have the resources for all types of assessments and services.
  • In the event that additional assessments or treatments (such as an MRI) are needed, professional referrals can be made.

Stretching Techniques

  • Stretching is often an important component of rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  • Stretching techniques can be discussed and demonstrated as needed.

Treatment & Rehabilitation of Injuries

  • After assessing the nature of your injury, our professional staff will help you determine the best course of action for your recovery.

Page last modified October 31, 2022