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Customized Data

Office of Institutional Analysis' Table Generators are web tools that allow you to obtain customized tabulations of GVSU data online. Tables can be viewed onscreen, printed, or saved as Excel spreadsheets. There are currently four table generators available:

  • The Section Table Generator allows access to data on GVSU course sections, including instructor information, enrollment, capacity, location, and other information
  • The Enrollment Table Generator allows GVSU personnel access to aggregate information about GVSU students, including demographic, program, and attendance pattern information.
  • The Degree Table Generator is a tool that allows GVSU faculty and staff members to access aggregate information about degrees awarded by GVSU.

  • The Faculty Table Generator is a tool that allows users to access aggregate information about GVSU faculty members over the internet.

  • Access to the Enrollment and Degree Table Generators is restricted to GVSU Faculty and Staff.  If you are a GVSU employee and are denied access, please contact the Office of Institutional Analysis for assistance.

The Course Section Listing tool creates reports of GVSU courses or course sections from Fall 1992 through the pending academic year.

Section Table Generator                     STG Help
Enrollment Table Generator                ETG Help
Degree Table Generator                     DTG Help
Faculty Table Generator                     FTG Help

Course Section Listings

Course Registration Monitor

Surveying GVSU Students & Personnel

If you do not find the specific information you need, please contact our office directly.

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