Human Rights minor

Program Description

Human rights have become the moral language of today in fields as disparate as philosophy, international politics and health care, as well as other service professions. This program provides students with both intellectual and practical opportunities to engage with human rights in preparation for encountering a wide variety of twenty-first century political issues, social problems, and employment opportunities.

The Human Rights curriculum is distinctively interdisciplinary, mirroring the world of human rights today. Completing the minor will equip students with key concepts and opportunities within this world, such as:

  • The political, philosophical, and legal development of human rights concepts within academic scholarship and political practice.
  • The role of human rights in international relations and law.
  • The growth of human rights institutions, courts, tribunals, and the emergence of human rights law as a profession.
  • The explosive growth of humanitarian organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to human rights activism and practice.
  • The incorporation of human rights concerns in the corporate world regarding job relocation, human resources, and international investment.
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What are students saying?

"Not only has human rights study assured me that I am on the right path, it has been a vital piece in helping me to explain to others why studying human rights is so important. This is an amazing gateway for me to put in my two cents and be able to center the conversation to the idea of rights." 

- Sydney W.

"Through studying human's almost like I put on new glasses and can finally see the world for what it is. I have learned to understand things from all perspectives." 

- Angela P.

"No one's beliefs or ideas should be set in stone. People need to constantly struggle with competing positions in order to truly discover their own beliefs. For me, human rights study did exactly this and, as a result, has made me a more empathetic and understanding individual."

- Taylor B.

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