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Human rights have become the moral language of today in fields as disparate as philosophy, international politics and health care, as well as other service professions. This program provides students with both intellectual and practical opportunities to engage with human rights in preparation for encountering a wide variety of twenty-first-century political issues, social problems, and employment opportunities.

The Human Rights curriculum is distinctively interdisciplinary, mirroring the world of human rights today. Completing the minor will equip students with key concepts and opportunities within this world, such as:

  • The political, philosophical and legal development of human rights concepts within academic scholarship and political practice.
  • The role of human rights in international relations and law.
  • The growth of human rights institutions, courts, tribunals, and the emergence of human rights law as a profession.
  • The explosive growth of humanitarian organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to human rights activism and practice.
  • The incorporation of human rights concerns in the corporate world regarding job relocation, human resources, and international investment.