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Why Live in Women's Leadership House?

Living on campus gives students like you opportunities and advantages that can make your college experience more memorable and more enjoyable.

As you consider whether you should live on campus, consider this compelling fact: students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate than those who don't.

Additionally, residing in a living-learning community will allow you to connect more intentionally and naturally with peers, faculty, and staff. You will have a built-in cohort to support you and connect with similar passions and experiences. Research shows that living in a community has a strong effect on student learning and achievement.

Residents in the Women's Leadership House will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop leadership skills through cultivation of personal traits, experiences, knowledge, resources, and opportunities
  • Engage in service learning related to women's and gender issues
  • Cultivate connections on campus and in the broader community
  • Embrace relationship-building within Women's Leadership House to create an intentional community among residents
  • Demonstrate leadership capacity through courageous acts on campus and in the community

WLH Testimonials

"I would really like to thank you so much for being so inviting in my last semester at Grand Valley, I cannot express how much I appreciate it. Being a part of the Women's Leadership House was a surprisingly great happenstance!"
- A. LaFave, December 2013 Graduate "Being surrounded by a group of women who are there to support me, help me, and inspire me has only enriched my time spent at Grand Valley. Living in the Women's Leadership House has provided me with a group of individuals who teach me something new every day. Women in the house continuously grow as I do in not only their leadership, but in their understanding of the contribution they provide to the world."
- K. Doan, current WLH Resident "I really enjoyed my time in the WLH. It gave me the chance to meet a lot of new people who had different opinions and interests than me. Also during my time in the house I was given the opportunity to volunteer for several organizations and it really made me feel like I was making a difference and helping."
- H. Jaworski, December 2013 Graduate