Work Orders

Please pay careful attention to the following categories before submitting your work order. Specific issues are reported through different outlets, so identifying the right avenue will help us to serve you best. 

Maintenance & Facilities Work Orders

If you are having HVAC, plumbing, window issues, etc., please submit maintenance work orders to Facilities. 


Please be aware that work orders may only be submitted while logged onto the GVSU network / WiFi.

Furniture Work Orders

If you are having problems or need a repair of your university-provided furniture, please place the request with your front desk. 

Cable Television Issues

If you are experiencing problems with your cable television, please consider the following FIRST:

  • Have you successfully set up your television and scanned for channels?
    • Verified that television has a digital/QAM tuner and is digital ready?
    • After scanning all available inputs (cable, digital, HD, etc.) no channels are recognized?
    • Have run channel setup for each available input option?
  • Have you checked your cables for proper connectivity?
    • Are the cords and cables plugged in to the correct locations?
  • Checked signal for all cable jacks in the unit?
  • Coaxial cable has been tested and determined to be working?
  • Have you tried another TV that works at the port (that previously worked elsewhere) and/or does the TV in question work elsewhere?


If trouble shooting steps have been completed and the issue persists, please complete this Form.  Your request will be sent to a GVSU representative who will contact Charter Spectrum to send a technician.  Please allow for 48-72 hours for someone to get back with you regarding this issue


Computer & Wireless Issues

For issues with your computer, visit or contact the IT HelpDesk. If you are experiencing problems with the wireless connection, email Include GVSU email address, locations (s), date and time(s), and a detailed description of the problem. GVSU Tech Support will respond via email. 

Laundry Maintenance

For broken machines, students should call 1-800-342-5932 to report an issue. Visit the Wash Laundry website for more information or to  download the service app for both Apple & Android devices.