Spring/Summer 2014 Transition Information

Transition Information- Spring/Summer 2014

As a current resident in on-campus housing transitioning to Spring/Summer housing, you have two options for the semester transition. Please review the two options below.

Option #1 - Check Out/Check In:

Check out of your Winter semester 2014 housing assignment by Friday, April 25 at 10pm. Check in to your Spring/Summer semester housing assignment on Saturday, May 3 or Sunday, May 4. NOTE: GVSU does not offer any type of storage for student belongings. Residents choosing this option must move completely out of their Winter semester 2014 housing assignment and coordinate their own storage for the break period between semesters.

Option #2 - Transition:

Remain in your Winter housing assignment until your Spring/Summer assignment is ready for your arrival. NOTE: If you choose this option, you must remain on or near campus with your belongings packed and ready to relocate to your new assignment within 24 hours of notification. If you choose this option, you must fill out an EXTENDED STAY FORM and turn it in to your front desk by April 14, 2014, at 5pm.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Living Centers and Apartments close on Friday, April 25 at 10pm. Any resident intending to remain in a campus housing building beyond this time must submit the Extended Stay Form no later than Friday, April 18 at 5pm. NOTE: Students moving into Secchia will be followed up with individually on transition plans due to facility-related projects. Your timeline will be a little different.

  • Late requests will be considered for an administrative late fee of $25.

  • The last day for an Extended Stay is Friday, May 2. No resident may remain in a housing unit beyond this date.

  • Anyone approved for an Extended Stay will be required to complete an Express Checkout. The completion of an Express Checkout waives your right to appeal damage and administrative charges.

  • You are required to follow all University guidelines, as well as all Housing and Residence Life policies during your stay. Guests are not allowed in housing buildings during break periods.

  • The University reserves the right to make alternate room assignments during break periods.

  • Submission of an extended stay form does not guarantee your request will be granted. The department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to deny any Extended Stay request.

Page last modified April 14, 2014