Safety & Security

Community Policing Officers

Each residential living area has an assigned Community Policing Officer (CPO). This law enforcement official, along with the building staff, educates the Grand Valley community on how to stay safe on campus. Residentially, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Participating in the planned fire evacuation drills during the semester
  • Not allowing others to enter into the building on the use of your access card
  • Not using candles or smoking in your unit
  • Locking your unit at all times, even for quick trips to the restroom or to visit a neighbor
  • Safety procedures during severe weather alerts

All students are encouraged to keep a list of the serial numbers of all electronic equipment that they bring to campus. An important question to ask your parents is if their homeowners insurance covers your residence at GVSU. If it doesn't, consider purchasing some kind of insurance plan, as GVSU doesn't assume liability for the personal property of its students.

Campus Police Services



Phone Number


Campus Police


(616) 331-3255

24 hours

Pew Campus Security

Grand Rapids

(616) 331- 3255

24 hours

For crime statistics, or to review a printed copy of the Annual Fire Safety Report, contact the Grand Valley Police Department (GVPD)

Safety Procedures

Fire Procedures

  1. Always exit the building when a fire alarm sounds. 
  2. If you come across a fire, dial 911 immediately and follow their instructions. 
  3. Before leaving the room, feel the room door. If the door is hot, do not open it. Open the window and signal for help instead. If the door is cool, leave the building by the closest exit. 
  4. Once outside, proceed to the designated assembly area (away from the building and leave room for emergency vehicles) then wait for further instructions. 
  5. Students may not re-enter their building until notice is given from the Allendale Campus Police or Pew Campus Security. 
  6. Fire drills occur once a semester in order to prepare residents for what to do in the event of an actual fire. Residents are expected to follow procedures and evacuate. Failing to do so may result in a sanction.

Please review the Residential Services Guide for fire safety expectations and policy.

Tornado Watch

A tornado watch means that conditions are right for a tornado to form. Stay tuned to the television and/or radio for weather updates. Your awareness should be heightened and you should be prepared to move to a shelter. 

Tornado Warning

  • When a tornado siren sounds, move indoors. A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted in the area. 
  • Go to the safest location of the building immediately. View all safety locations.  
  • Don’t open windows. 
  • Follow instructions of GVPD and Housing and Residence Life staff members. 

Designated Fire Assembly Areas




Lot M


Lot D


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot D or Basketball Court

Grand Valley Apartments

GVA Community Center


Lot D or Basketball Court

Holton Hooker 

East Entrance to Commons or Lot D


Lot D


Lot D


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot D

Laker Village Apartments

Lot J - Near Community Center


East Entrance to Commons or Lot D


Lot P - Near the Connection

Niemeyer East/West

Lot M or Lot P

North C

Lot D or Basketball Court


East Entrance to Commons or Lot D


Lot D


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot D or Basketball Court


East Entrance to Commons or Lot D


Lot D


Mt. Vernon Lot


Lot D or Basketball Court

South C

Lot P

South D

Lot R

South E

Lot P or Lot R


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot D or Basketball Court


Lot P


Mt. Vernon Lot

Residents are expected to participate in all fire drills and alarms. Failure to participate will result in disciplinary referral.

anyBODYS App

A team of Grand Valley students and alumni has created a mobile app that details the locations of each single-user restroom and nursing nest in campus buildings that are open to the public.

anyBODYS is free and available in the Apple Store and Android Play Store. It was created by the T3 (Teaching Through Technology) team, an interdisciplinary group of computer information systems, engineering, management and marketing students and several alumni.

anyBODYS app