Housing FAQ's

COVID-19 Planning

Who do we contact if we have questions about COVID-19 and living on-campus?
Grand Valley's Housing and Residence Life has added a housing-specific email account for students living on campus to use to in case they have specific needs, questions, or to provide updates to housing staff. Emails can be sent to the COVID Coordinator at housingcovid@gvsu.edu. For more information, visit the Lakers Together website

Will I be able to have a guest in my unit?
The only guests permitted into GVSU housing living centers and apartments will be other GVSU housing residents, with the exception of move-in and move-out where parents and supporters are welcome. Please review our full guest policy

How will shared & public bathrooms spaces be managed?
Working closely with the Incident Management Team and public health officials, occupancy has been significantly reduced in traditional style living centers to reduce bathroom capacity. Bathrooms in traditional and cluster style living centers will have increased daily cleaning. Residents in suite, apartment style, and apartments are responsible for the cleaning of their private bathrooms.

Will Housing continue Health & Safety check processes?
Housing hosts one health and safety check per semester to assess university residential facilities. The process entails two staff members walking through all public and private residential spaces. Housing will continue this process as a preventative residential health & safety measure. Staff will wear face coverings and wash/sanitize hands after each private space assessment.

Early and Late Arrivals
Residential Desks are scheduled to resume operations starting Monday, August 16th. Students are strongly encouraged to arrive on their assigned move in date and time. If approved for an early or late arrival, students will be instructed to check-in at their associated residential desk. Facility updates have been made to include additional partitions, available cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and face coverings to support the health and safety of residents and staff.

What if the university transitions to remote learning and closes residential housing mid-year?
At this time, there is no indication that these measures will need to be taken for the 2021-2022 academic year. With intentional planning being done, the institution is moving forward with in-person learning and open residential communities in the Fall 2021 semester. However, should the national health climate shift; the university plans to assist students with transition as we did in March 2020. Students received a prorated refund for the remainder of their Housing and Dining contract. Move out services were quickly implemented to prioritize social distancing.

Will residential desk services be available for Fall 2021?
Yes. Residential Desks are scheduled to resume operations starting Monday, August 16th. Facility updates are being made to include additional partitions, available cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and face coverings to support the health and safety of residents and staff.

How will package operations be impacted?
The Ravines Residential Mail & Package Center will continue to manage all residential packages for Fall 2021. Facilities will be altered to allow 6 ft social distancing. Staff will have access to PPE and add additional cleaning to high touch surfaces.

Will Housing staff still offer after-hour response?
Housing staff has been able to maintain after-hour duty response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue this service for all residential students. Staff are prepared with PPE supplies and will continue to respond and serve students while maintaining 6ft social distance measures. 

Will Housing staff still be able to continue meeting individually with residential students?
Housing staff has been able to maintain individual residential connections throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue this service for all residential students. Staff have access to PPE supplies and spaces that enable meeting while maintaining 6ft social distance. In addition, staff have successfully been able to meet with students via phone or virtually as an alternative to meeting in-person. 

Will students still have access to educational programming hosted by Housing staff?
Housing & Residence Life staff will continue to provide opportunities for student engagement, contributing to meaningful relationship building that complements the University experience and aligns with the goals of Grand Valley’s liberal education foundation. Housing staff are currently working to update our program structure to prioritize the residential student experience in alignment with CDC group gathering recommendations. Attendees will be required to wear face coverings. Staff and public spaces will have available cleaning supplies. Custodial staff will be structuring additional cleaning in public and high touch spaces. There will also be expanded virtual programming options and community engagement opportunities available for students to engage.

Will public residential & group gathering areas be open in Fall 2020?
Housing is closely monitoring CDC recommendations and changing physical facility space to meet guidelines. Public residential spaces/group gathering spaces will be open with a limited allowable number of people to be gathered based on the square footage of space to ensure 6ft social distance allowance. Spaces will have posted signage notifying residents of space requirements. Students will be required to practice social distancing in public spaces and wear face coverings in corridor areas. Cleaning supplies will be available for students to clean high touch services at the conclusion of using public spaces.

Applying for Housing and Assignments:

When do freshmen find out where they are going to live and who their roommates are?
Students are notified about their housing placement and roommate info typically in June. 

How do freshmen find out where they are living and who their roommates are?
Students will be sent an email to their GVSU student email. It will also be posted in their myHousing overview in myBanner. Instructions for how to access this will be in the email or you can visit our website.

When do we apply for housing for returning students?
Our housing application usually opens after Labor Day for incoming freshmen and returning students. Returning students' security deposit carries over, so all you have to do is apply and then you will be able to self select your room and roommates. 

How can I search for roommates?
You can search for and be matched with potential roommates in My College Roomie. 

What happens if I don’t find a roommate?
No problem, we will assign a roommate for you based on your roommate matches!

What are the chances that we will get our requested roommate?
Roommates are placed together when both (or all) roommates mutually request and accept each other. 

Why wasn’t I assigned to the housing I requested?
Students are not guaranteed to be placed in the preferences they requested. Freshmen who apply before June 1st are guaranteed a traditional spot on campus. The earlier a student applies, the more likely they are of getting their requested preference as freshmen are placed in application date order. 

Why did I not receive my roommate request?
Roommate requests are never guaranteed. The assignment team will try to accommodate a request if possible. Both students need to mutually request each other and be matching as roommates. If a student lists their building choice as more important than a roommate, the assignment team will accommodate this first before accommodating the roommate request. 

I did not request Traditional Style Housing but it is listed as my first preference. Why did this happen?
If a student has no requests listed, they were defaulted to traditional style housing as their first choice. If the preferences listed were full, (I.E. - student only listed 2 bedroom apartment style) the next default will be traditional style housing. Emails were sent to students who did not have preferences listed on their application. We recommend listing 3 preferences. 

I was interested in a Living Learning Community but was not placed in it. Why?
If a student was interested in a living learning community and was not placed in it, this means that area was already full when it came to the student’s application. 

I applied to the University so I thought I had a housing application on file?
The housing application is separate from the Admissions application to the University. If a student is interested in living on campus, they must complete a housing application with the $150 deposit after being accepted to the University.

I’m an Honors student. Why wasn’t I placed in Niemeyer Living Center?
Assignments are made in application date order. We were not able to accommodate all of the students that requested Honors Housing in Niemeyer Living Center. 

How do I submit a room change request?
The room change request form will be available in your myHousing overview after assignments have gone out. You will then be eligible to submit a room change request. Room changes are not guaranteed and are accommodated as spaces become available. 

Why am I not assigned to housing yet?
Incoming Freshmen (May 1st and before):
We place in application date order and will be placing the students during the summer. Assignments will begin to go out mid June. Freshman must have an active application with a contract and must be registered for an orientation date. 
Incoming Freshmen (May 2nd and after): These students are not guaranteed housing but we will continue to work on assignments for them. We will continue to update them throughout the summer on the status. 

I am no longer interested in on-campus housing, how do I cancel? Will I receive my $150 deposit back?
Students can cancel their housing application before moving in by going to www.gvsu.edu/housing/cancel. If a student cancels by June 1st or prior they will be eligible to receive their deposit back. If a student cancels after June 1st, they will not be eligible to receive their deposit. 

I haven’t heard from my roommate. What should I do?
Contact us, we can help you!

Preparing for Move-In:

What all do I need to bring to campus?
Please take a look at our packing list! Please review the HRL Community Living Standards to see the full list of prohibited items that you should leave at home. 

Where do we pick up our keys and check-in on move-in day?
When you arrive on campus on your assigned move-in day, GVPD will direct you. You will need to have your G-number and your student ID. You will receive your brass key, access card (for some communities), and you will need to fill out your Room Condition Report (RCR). Once you fill out your RCR, you will receive your laundry card.

I filled out an early arrival request for move-in. When will I get info for key pick up, etc.?
You will receive an email that gives you instructions on where to pick up your keys. 

On move in day, can we move in and then go off campus for lunch/dinner and shopping?
Yes, please enjoy your first day! Community meetings begin around 6 p.m., so be sure to know what time your meeting is to be back in time. 

Do I need to label my boxes for move in?
Yes! Please label your boxes and items with your name, building, and room number.

Do we have to bring rolling bins or a dolly to transport items from my car to my room?
We provide rolling bins for living centers that have elevators (HHLC, South, Niemeyer, Murray, VanSteeland).

How long does the move in process generally take?
Once you arrive to the living center you’re assigned to, you unload everything from your car. Students should go inside to get key information and begin bringing belongings up to your room. You can plan on 15-30 minutes. 

Where can my parents park to help me move in? 
All vehicles that have items to be moved in should go through the move in process. Once all vehicles have been unpacked, they can be moved to Lot D4-D9.  

Are there elevators in the living centers?
There is an elevator in Holton Hooker, Niemeyer, South, Murray, VanSteeland, and Winter Hall. 

Can I buy a parking pass on move-in day?
Yes! However, we encourage you to purchase it online ahead of time. Parking services will be open and have pop up tables during move-in day as well. 

Do I need a parking permit during move-in week and the first week of classes? 

What do students usually do the few days before Transitions?
Find your way around campus, buy your books, get to know your roommate, get to know the people on your floor, try out campus dining, & attend all of the fun activities at night.

I’m in HHLC, do we get lockers in the bathrooms? Do we need to bring a lock for them? Do we each get our own lockers or do we share with our roommate?
Yes and yes! Each person gets their own locker. 

Can I bring a futon?
We recommend that you wait until move-in, arrange the existing furniture how you and your roommate decide works for you, and then determine what additional items you would like to add. All freshmen housing styles are a little different. View your specific room and furniture dimensions online.

Am I allowed to have a coffee pot in my room?
Yes. Please review the HRL Community Living Standards to see the full list of prohibited items. 

Can I bring a microwave?
Yes, you are allowed one microwave per room (so coordinate with your roommate). Microwaves need to be 1,000 watts or less. Please review the HRL Community Living Standards to see the full list of prohibited items. 

Are candles allowed in living centers? 
No! Please review the HRL Community Living Standards to see the full list of prohibited items. 

Am I allowed to bring a mini fridge? 
Yes, but only in traditional, cluster, and suite style, and it has to be 4.6 cubic feet or less, and only 1 per room. Please review the HRL Community Living Standards to see the full list of prohibited items. 

Bed Lofting and Building Amenities:

Do the beds come lofted? Do we need tools?
All of our freshmen living centers on north campus come with the bed lofted upon move in day. Cluster style however comes half lofted and can be fully lofted. Niemeyer beds are adjustable. Students may rearrange their room as they wish. You do not need tools, just multiple people to help lift and move furniture. Keep in mind, you must set up your room how it was on move in day when it is time for you to move out. Learn more about lofting and the furniture provided to you.

Is there any way to get help to loft my bed?
Yes, there are staff and volunteers all over during move in. If you need help, just ask. Also, check out our lofting instructions. 

What size are the beds? Do we need to bring a mattress or bedding?
All on-campus beds are twin XL size. The university provides all bed frames and mattresses. Students will need to bring their own bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets, comforter, etc.). You may purchase twin XL bedding at OCM

Can you loft beds in Laker Village?

Can I loft my bed in the cluster double room?
Yes, beds in Holton Hooker can be half lofted or fully lofted.

If we don’t want to use all of the furniture provided, can it be removed or stored somewhere?
No, all university provided furniture must remain in your unit. 

What do the community kitchens have in them?
Most community kitchens come with a microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator. Note: not all communities have a refrigerator. 

Where is laundry located for Laker Village?
Laundry is located in the Laker Village North and South Community Centers.

Do we need quarters for laundry?
No, upon move in and completing your Room Condition Report, you will receive your preloaded laundry card. If you need additional cycles, there are various VTM machines across campus. 

Do the community bathrooms get cleaned on the weekends? 
Yes! Our community bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Is there air conditioning in the rooms?
Yes, there is air conditioning in Calder, South Apartments, Laker Village, Niemeyer, Murray, VanSteeland, Holton Hooker, Winter Hall, and Secchia Hall. There is not air conditioning in any suite style, traditional style, 1 or 2 bedroom apartment styles on north campus. On south campus, there is no air conditioning in Grand Valley Apartments or Laker Village efficiency units. 

Do all rooms come with a recycling / trash bin?

Do residence halls supply cleaning materials?
No, you will need to bring your own and clean your own space.

Does the 2 bedroom apartment style have locks on the bedroom doors?


Are there printers in the living centers?
No. Printers are located in computer labs and designated print stations across campus. Visit GVSU’s IT website to learn more about printing at GVSU and locations.

Where do I find the address to my on-campus room?
View the Ravine Mail and Package Center website for your address. 

Can I bring a bike to campus? 
Yes! We recommend you register your bike with GVPD. You should bring a lock to lock it at a bike rack. Bikes are not allowed inside any building so make a plan to store it for the winter.

Where can we store bikes over winter?
Bikes should be taken home over the winter. There are local storage units in the area as well. 

Are all living center buildings co-ed? 
Yes, except for South C (Women in Science and Engineering). 

What is the policy on overnight guests?
Please review our Community Living Standards

Is there an app to track our meal plan and dining dollars?
The MyGV app.

What do I do or who do I call if something in my room breaks?
Submit a maintenance work order

Who do I call for a noise complaint?
Contact your RA on duty. 

What do I do when I’m feeling ill?
Visit the Campus Health Center on campus. If it is an emergency, dial 911.

Who do I call if a laundry machine fails?  
Call 1-800-342-5932 to report an issue. Visit the Wash Laundry website for more information or to  download the service app for both Apple & Android devices.