COVID Quarantine & Isolation Resources

The information provided below will help you determine how best to prepare for your time living on campus as well as resources throughout the year. By clicking one of the buttons below, you will be directed to information that best helps explain the processes and resources based on your current status.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms, have had a Positive COVID test, have failed your self assessment or have been contact traced, please email and/or call (616) 331-9595 (see below for additional details).
  • If you need any additional food, supplies or assistance please complete a request at Quarantine and Isolation Requests Form. More information about using your meal plan can be found below. 
  • If you have an urgent need after business hours, on the weekend, or during a university closure, please call the Covid line at (616) 331-9595.

The Covid line (616) 331-9595 is for on-campus GVSU residents who have a close contact exposure, failed self-assessment, or positive Covid test and may need to be relocated to a new space or provided additional resources to quarantine or isolate in place.  Please note that this line does not replace the Spectrum Covid Hotline for inquiring about symptoms and getting tested, which is (833) 734-0020.  Additionally, you will have the option to leave a voicemail if your call is not answered, but not text message.

For general questions and less urgent matters regarding quarantine and isolation, please continue to email us at

Isolation Due to Positive COVID Test Results:

People who have been diagnosed with COVID after a positive test, need to self-isolate away from others to help reduce the spread of the virus. Below are instructions and resources for students in isolation. If you received your Covid test off campus please call the Covid line (616) 331-9595 for additional information and resources.

Students in Isolation:

  1. Stay in your room/alternative unit, DO NOT LEAVE except to get medical care. 
  2. Complete your GVSU web-based self-assessment every day. (Students will not be released without consistent completion of daily assessment, demonstrating improved symptoms)
  3. Do not use public areas, including laundry rooms, lounges, community bathrooms, etc.
  4. Do not have any visitors in your room/alternative unit
  5. If you need an item picked up from campus, trash removal, food request etc. please fill out the Quarantine and Isolation Requests Form
  6. Students with meal plans are able to order meals through myHousing on myBanner, ordered meals can be delivered to your room or alternative unit each weekday and on Saturdays for the weekend. Meals, Dining, & Food
  7. If you have questions or need additional assistance please email

Individuals in isolation and quarantine must uphold the HRL Community Living Standards and Lakers Together Pledge. Failure to abide by isolation and quarantine instructions will result in referral through the HRL Conduct Process and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Discontinuing Isolation:

If diagnosed with COVID, and directed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Health or the local health department to isolate: You may only discontinue isolation at the direction of the Office of the Vice Provost for Health or the health department. In general, the following conditions will apply: 

  1. At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared (or if no symptoms, since your test) AND
  2. Complete your web-based self-assessment every day, demonstrating improved symptoms (without medicine to reduce a fever) AND
  3. Your other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved)

You will receive an email from the COVID Assessment Team (CAT) with a request for information regarding symptoms onset, close contacts, etc. Once you provide this information, the COVID Assessment Team will respond with your isolation date range, including release information and when you are able to discontinue your isolation. 

Once you receive your date range for your isolation, you will be able to return on the date that is set by the COVID Assessment Team and discontinue your isolation. If you are in an isolation space, please follow the move-out instructions on the page below.” 

Quarantine Due to Possible Exposure:

Non Vaccinated Students in Quarantine:

If you and/or your roommate/suitemates are NOT VACCINATED and have been asked to quarantine due to Covid symptoms or a Covid positive exposure (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more). Please note: All students in quarantine MUST adhere to the instructions below. Vaccinated individuals who are exposed and NOT experiencing symptoms are still not required to quarantine but are recommended to test (3-5d later) and to wear a mask until they receive a negative test result. 

The 10-day quarantine period following the last day of exposure will remain as the standard quarantine period.  

Individuals will receive a release notice on the evening of the 10th day following exposure when the following CDC criteria are met:

  • The individual has completed the GVSU self-assessment each day they are in quarantine (this is required for release, and to meet quarantine guidelines).
  • The individual has not developed any symptoms of COVID.
  • Complete the daily self-assessment.
  • Strictly adhere to activities that reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others including, avoiding gatherings, social distancing, wearing face coverings and washing hands frequently.
  • Testing is recommended 5-7 days after an exposure, but is not required. A negative test does not shorten the quarantine period, and it is not a guarantee for a 10 day period.

During Quarantine: Stay in your room or alternative unit and avoid contact with others for 10 days.

  • The 10 days begins the day after your last exposure with the person with symptoms of COVID
    • For example, if your last day of contact was Sept 1, your quarantine will start on Sept. 2 and go through Sept. 15. Sept. 16 would be your first day out of quarantine.
  • Do not use public areas such as great rooms, laundry rooms, TV rooms, etc. 
  • Do not have visitors during this time.
  • DO NOT LEAVE except to get medical care. Do not go to work or school. 
  • Wear a cloth face-covering any time you are in space with other people. 
  • Call your health care provider if you develop symptoms.

Individuals in isolation and quarantine must uphold the HRL Community Living Standards and Lakers Together Pledge. Failure to abide by isolation and quarantine instructions will result in referral through the HRL Conduct Process and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Discontinuing Quarantine:

You will be expected to quarantine per the instructions above.  Should you receive a formal quarantine letter/email from the Ottawa County Department of Health, that date will supersede any previous date given.  Please note, you are not able to discontinue or leave quarantine by receiving a negative test. 

You will receive an email from the COVID Assessment Team including information regarding your quarantine date range. 


Isolation Due to COVID Symptoms:

Symptomatic Students in Isolation Awaiting Test Results:

If you have failed your daily self assessment or have COVID symptoms you must complete a "stay at home isolation" either in your unit, an alternative unit or off campus/at home until you receive your test results. Please contact housingcovid@gvsu to discuss your  plan and needs. To schedule your COVID test please call 833-734-0020. Based on the outcome of your COVID test you will receive further instructions from on moving to isolation or the process to be released from "stay at home isolation".  Please note: All students in isolation MUST adhere to the instructions below.

"Stay In Place Isolation Guidelines":

  • Stay in your room or alternative unit and avoid contact with others until you receive a negative test.
  • Do not use public areas such as great rooms, laundry rooms, TV rooms etc. 
  • Do not have visitors during this time.
  • DO NOT LEAVE except to get medical care. Do not go to work or school. 
  • Wear a cloth face covering any time you are in space with other people. 
  • Call your health care provider if you develop symptoms.

Individuals in isolation and quarantine must uphold the HRL Community Living Standards and Lakers Together Pledge. Failure to abide by isolation and quarantine instructions will result in referral through the HRL Conduct Process and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Discontinuing "Stay In Place Isolation":

You will be expected to isolate per the instructions above. Please note, as a symptomatic person with no known exposure to COVID, you are able to discontinue or leave isolation if you have a marked improvement in your symptoms and also received two, consecutive negative antigen (rapid) tests. If you receive a negative test after you have been in isolation please alert Housing and Residence life by email at We will review the information and discuss your isolation and its possible discontinuation.  Please note you must complete the daily web-based self-assessment every day to be released,. for further information, please refer to CDC Guidelines.

Isolation & Quarantine Resources

Monitoring Your Symptoms

  • Complete the Lakers Together daily web-based self-assessment .
  • Call 911 if you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19; tell the operator that you are in isolation for COVID.
    • Emergency warning signs include:
      • Trouble breathing / Persistent pain or pressure in the chest / New confusion or inability to arouse / Bluish lips or face
      • Any other symptoms that seem severe or cause you concern
  • Call your medical provider if your illness is worsening (for example, if you have a change in your breathing that doesn’t seem to be an emergency). Tell them you have or may have COVID-19.
  • If you have to leave to receive medical care, wear a face covering when you leave your apartment/room, and before you enter the healthcare building. If you can’t put on a face covering, try to keep a safe distance from other people (at least 6 feet away). This will help protect the people in the office or waiting room.
  • Follow all care instructions from your healthcare provider.



Mental and Emotional Health

Emotional well-being is of highest importance for a successful college experience. During quarantine and isolation it is normal, even expected, for you to experience loneliness, sadness, frustration, worry, etc. The University Counseling Center is always a convenient and free option for GVSU students and staff are now available for telehealth appointments.

Among the many services offered, the Isolation Support drop-in is open to students who are in isolation due to COVID-19. Isolation Support drop-in is to provide a space for students to address their diverse concerns, thoughts, and feelings associated with being placed into isolation due to COVID-19. *This group is on a drop-in basis, so you are welcome to attend one group or as many as you would like. Contact the University Counseling Center to obtain the virtual link: (616) 331-3266

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and hope you will let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


We recognize that the opportunity to go outside for exercise and well being is important. With this in mind, Housing and Residence Life has created a new program to allow students in quarantine, with no symptoms and no positive test, to leave their quarantine space with a Housing Staff member. With the guidance of the Office of the Vice Provost of Health and the Ottawa County Department of Public Health, we have determined that having a GVSU employee present will assist in protecting the health and wellbeing of the student and the community on campus. Housing will have staff available via an ongoing schedule that students can identify a time that works best for them to leave their space and be outside with out contact with others. Please email to schedule a day and time to connect with a housing staff member for an appointment or more information.

Supplies Provided in Alternative Housing Isolation/Quarantine Space:

Included in space or kit:

  • Toilet paper
  • Bleach wipes/Disinfectant Cleaner/Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Hand soap
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Silverware
  • Plasticware 
  • Paper plates
  • Shelf-stable food (Amount of each item below ranges based on need and meal plan)
    • Breakfast items
    • Lunch items
    • Dinner items
    • Assorted snacks
    • Waters
    • Assorted juices

Recommended Items to Bring:

  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Sheets
  • Towel
  • Washcloth
  • Toiletries
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body soap
    • Lotion
    • Toothpaste
    • Toothbrush
    • Hair care products
    • Make up
    • Razor/shaving needs
    • Deodorant
    • Facial soap
    • Facial lotion
  • Medications
  • Prescriptions
  • Clothes
  • Academic needs (laptop, books, etc.)
  • Hobby items 
  • Chargers and power cords
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Additional food and drinks to supplement items provided
    • Tea
    • Pop/Soda
    • Coffee/Coffee Maker
    • Fruit
    • Specific preferred items

Meals, Dining, and Food:

Housing & Residence Life and Campus Dining offer an option to have lunches and dinners delivered daily. The quarantine space you have been provided will include some food items for 3-7 days based on your initial intake information. For students in quarantine or isolation that have a meal plan, please go to your myHousing account on myBanner. Under the "Apply | Cancel | Forms" tab, you will see “Quarantine Isolation Meal Intake and Order Form” application. You will have the option to select any dietary needs as well as allergens, etc. Once you have submitted your meal intake form, click on the "Dining" tab, and then select "On Campus Isolation & Quarantine Meals" to select your daily meals. You can select a lunch and/or dinner for each day you will be remaining in quarantine or isolation. You will be given the option to order two to three days in advance, but please note: all meal orders are due by 4:00 p.m. the day prior (Monday by 4:00 p.m. for Tuesday Lunch/Dinner). Breakfast items are included in your meal kit provided to you. 

Students meal accounts will be deducted per meal for those with 10, 14 or Fresh Unlimited meal plans. Staff will drop the meals off at your door, knock and then walk away. Please make sure to take the items as soon as you are able from the door and refrigerate or consume within the hour. Lunch and a reheat dinner will be delivered at the same time. If meals are not picked up within an hour of delivery they will be retrieved by staff. You should not have face-to-face contact with delivery drivers from local restaurants. If someone delivers something, ask them to knock, and leave the item outside the door. Do not open the door until they are at least 6 feet away.

Please note, students entering quarantine on Fridays after 4:00 p.m. will be able to order meals to be delivered Monday on the portal. Shelf stable food can be delivered prior to meal delivery beginning.

Instructions for Meal Ordering:

1. Login to your myBanner. Click student, then go to myHousing. 

2. Under the "Apply | Cancel | Forms" tab at the top, select "Quarantine Isolation Meal Intake and Order Form" and fill out accordingly. 

3. Next, click on the "Dining" tab, then select "On Campus Isolation & Quarantine Meals."

4. Select the appropriate semester, then select your meals. 

Step 1


Step 2



Cleaning your own laundry:

If you have small items, you can clean them by hand in your room/apartment sink.

  • Wash, rinse well, and hang to dry.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after touching your laundry.
  • Do not shake dirty laundry.


Laundry Service:

If you have a larger amount that cannot be done by hand, GVSU can arrange to have a service do your laundry at a facility. This is a wash, dry, and fold service provided by local professional dry cleaning and laundry service.

If you are planning on needing laundry done, please complete a request at  Quarantine and Isolation Requests Form. Once your form is received you will be contacted via phone or email to arrange pick up and drop off of your items.



DO NOT USE THE PUBLIC TRASH AREAS ON CAMPUS. Use the trash liners provided in your kit to double line your trash container. Once your trash is full, tie the bag off as tightly as possible. Wash hands afterwards. Notify Housing that you require trash removal by completing the Quarantine and Isolation Requests Form 

Misc. Requests & Services:

In order to centrally gather your request for essential items, we are asking that you submit needs you may have via the following form: 

 Quarantine and Isolation Requests Form

Please note that we will prioritize each response by level of urgency and our ability and it is helpful if you can submit your requests sooner than later by planning ahead with your level of supplies. We are unable to provide an immediate response and some services such as pick-up from the Laker Store or Ravines Mail & Package Center are subject to their existing hours of operation. 

Work Orders & Maintenance:

Please be aware that facilities services staff may add a red sticker to the inside of your door or door jamb, the sticker cannot be seen from the hallway when the door is closed.  The purpose of this sticker is to help identify the room status and personal protective equipment staff may need in order to enter a unit should a facilities issue arise.  Facilities staff are told to knock on the door and present themselves prior to opening.

If you do need to submit a work order, please call (616) 331-3000 and inform the customer services staff that you are in a quarantine or isolation space (either your own space or an alternate unit) and the reason for your work order.                          

Move Out Instructions

If you are leaving an alternative room/apartment, please place all reusable items provided, washed and dried, back into the bin, you are welcome to take all remaining food, beverages and single use items with you. Please leave the bin in the room/apartment and return the keys to the associated desk. Students who do not return the key/access card to the desk after leaving their alternative space will be billed for the recore and replacement costs. For desk hours and locations please visit Housing Desk Information

Robinson Living Center – Place keys in the dropbox in the Robinson lobby

GVA Benzie – Place keys in the pink dropbox in the entryway of Benzie

Other North Campus Buildings: Holton-Hooker Front Desk

Other South Campus Buildings: South Residential Desk

Winter and Secchia – Winter Hall Front Desk

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