All on campus housing units have wireless Internet, in addition to the WiFi throughout campus. There are also email kiosks and large computer labs available for your use. Personal Internet routers are not allowed on campus and will negatively impact the entire GVSU Internet network when used. While personal wireless routers are not allowed on campus, students can register their TV and gaming devices through Switches, however, are allowed on campus. Residents may purchase their own switch or call CTS for one at (616) 331-2101 if there are more residents in their unit than ports. 

Connecting to the Network

GVSU Students/Residents:

  • Log on to the GV-Student network using your GVSU network credentials. 

Guests & Visitors:

  • Connect to the GV-Visitor network.

Gaming/Wifi-Enabled Devices:

  • Any gaming/wifi-enabled device (gaming console, smart TV, etc.) must be registered with Information Technology before it can connect. Click here to register your gaming device. Once registered, connect to the GV-GameNet network using your GVSU network credentials. 

Off-Campus Network Access

Click here for information about connecting to the GVSU network using a VPN.

Cable Television

Digital cable TV service is included in the room rate for all campus housing. To take advantage of the digital channels, a TV with a QAM tuner and a coaxial cable is needed. Most HD and digital TVs manufactured after 2006 include this tuner. To verify a QAM tuner to the TV you bring to campus, please check the TV's owner manual or manufacturer's website.

If you do not have a digital ready TV, you will need a converter box (QAM tuner) to make it work. Locally, you can purchase the "Ematic AT103B Digital Converter Box with LED Display and Recording Capabilities" from WalMart to convert your television. 

TV Set-Up and Scanning Channels

When you first hook up your television set to the campus cable system, you will need to set your TV to scan for channels. The procedure varies depending on make and model of the TV, so refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions. You may be asked to select from "Antenna" or "Broadcast" or "Cable". If this is the case, please select "Cable". General steps:

  1. Press the "Menu" button on your TV remote
  2. Go to "Installation" or "System" or "Channels"
  3. Go to "Scan Channels", "Program Channels," "Autoscan," "Autoprogram," or "Autotuning"
  4. Press "Select," "Enter," or "OK" to scan

While the television scan is in process, do not press any buttons on the remote until it is complete. This may take a number of minutes. If you are having trouble, check out the trouble-shooting tips under "Cable Television Issues". 

Channel Line-Up

How to access ESPN3 at GVSU

ESPN3 is an online service which allows you to watch scheduled sports events live.  This service is free for customers with a “.EDU” account.  

In order to use this service, visit and click on the appropriate ESPN 3 event under the “Live Now” or “Replay” tabs.  Follow the steps to install the necessary software plug-in. Depending on the browser used, there may be different instructions. When setup is complete, restart the browser and return to WatchESPN.

You may need to disable pop-up blockers to allow the software to install and function properly.

If you have questions or problems, view the FAQ on the WatchESPN site or call them directly.


Laundry facilities are free to use for residential students. Laundry facilities can be found in every community. Simply place your clothes in the machine, select the settings, and press the green button to start. Laundry facilities are free to use for the 2021-2022 academic year. There is no need to swipe a laundry card. To report a broken machine, tell your Resident Assistant or call WASH Laundry Services (number on the side of the machine). 

Maintenance & Mail


Our on-campus maintenance service provides assistance with plumbing, heating, water, furniture, cable, and Internet.

To learn more about on campus maintenance, please visit


There is one mailbox per room or apartment. Find your mailing address or learn more about package pick-up from the Ravines Residential Mail & Package Center.

Health and Safety Check Process

The Health & Safety Check process occurs once a semester (October and February). The inspections are conducted by the Resident Assistants of each community. Health and Safety Checks have four primary goals: (1) find and correct any potential issues that may pose a threat to life, limb, or property; (2) ensure that the unit is hygienic and/or suitable for healthy living; (3) identify any potential facility issues that require a work order; (4) and identify any damages that the resident may be responsible for. 

Prior to inspections, residents are notified at least one week in advance by the Living Center Director. Residents are notified should they pass or fail an inspection. Should a resident fail an inspection, they are given up to 48 hours to correct the violation after which, a return inspection will be conducted. Depending on the nature of the violation, the resident may be charged for damages or be required to go through the housing judicial process.

Page last modified September 1, 2021