Graduate Assistantships

Assistant Living Center Directors are half-time, graduate assistant positions responsible for sharing and/or providing the administrative leadership of a residential area housing 200 to 700 students. The assistantship position connects the academic experience by applying classroom theoretical and research practices to daily student interactions that consist of advising, counseling, conflict mediation, supervision, training, evaluation and assessment processes. Graduate Assistants report directly to a full time, master’s level professional staff member.

Application Steps

  1. Review the College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL) graduate program information. Apply for admission.
    • Apply for admission into the School of Education for a Master’s in Education. 
    • You will later list your emphasis in CSAL
    • If your cumulative GPA is a 3.0 or greater, the GRE is not a program requirement.
    • Submit transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and evidence of a successful completion of Bachelor’s degree (when completed)
  2. Review the assistantship positions offered and apply online through the CSAL website.  For specific questions about the Housing Graduate Assistant Positions please contact Beth Thimmesch-Harpold
    • You do not need to be admitted into the CSAL program before applying for assistantships. However, you do need to be admitted to the CSAL program to accept an assistantship
    • This is where you will submit a resume, personal statement, and an optional cover letter
  3. Attend one of our visitation days and interview for assistantships.
    • Contact Aaron Haight (Dean of Students Office) to reserve a spot at the visitation day you will be attending.
    • You can select up to three different assistantships to interview for
  4. If offered an assistantship, accept it! 
    • Fill out, sign, and return contract to GVSU.
    • Stay in contact with Aaron Haight (Dean of Students Office)