Congratulations to Ashley Perryman, our 2023 Homecoming Royal!

ashley perryman homecoming royal

2023 Homecoming Royalty Court

Meet your 2023 Homecoming Royalty Court! These individuals are learners who represent the Grand Valley community and emulate what it means to be a Laker.

Name: Abbey Baetz

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Class Standing: Third-Year

Major: Elementary Educational Studies and Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Elementary Teaching

Minor: Social Studies

Involvements: Vice President of Programming and Enrichment and Director of Ritual Education for Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic Association Executive Vice President, Order of Omega Greek Leadership Honor Society President, Formal Panhellenic Recruitment Rho Gamma Counselor, Winter 2024 Study Abroad Student, GRPS Student Volunteer, Winter 2023 AFLV Conference, Previous Director of Panhellenic Relations and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Alpha Omicron Pi

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? It is an honor to be a member on Grand Valley's Homecoming Royalty Court this school year, and something I do not take lightly. Being on the Homecoming Royalty Court to me means representing Grand Valley as an ambassador and leader to others through my involvement in both the community and on campus. This acknowledgement is indication that I have made a mark on Grand Valley State University, and positive impression on people. As a member on this year's Homecoming Royalty Court, it empowers me to continue to embody and represent the Laker Effect with shaping the future and being a force for positive change.

Name: Sophia Bates

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Class Standing: Fourth-Year 

Majors: Legal Studies

Certificate(s): Certificate in Paralegal Studies

Involvements: Student employee in the Student Employment Office, senator on GVSU's Student Senate, member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, member of the Frederik Meijer Honors College, member of the Order of Omega Honor Society

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? I am incredibly honored to be a member of the Homecoming Royalty Court. My Laker Pride is unrivaled, and I spend every day trying to make GVSU a better place through my intense involvement on campus. For example, I was a part of the Student Senate's Student Wages Task Force with VP Jenny Hall-Jones and helped create a proposal to raise student wages on behalf of student employees and the Student Employment Office. In so many ways, GVSU blows other universities out of the water, yet I never stop making efforts to improve this campus because I know just how much GVSU is capable of. I am a Laker for a Lifetime, and cannot wait to reach higher and make GVSU the best it can be for future Lakers... Anchor Up!!

Name: Mary Jo Buechler

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Class Standing: Fourth-Year

Major: Supply Chain Management

Certificate(s): Project Management

Involvements: Professional Sales Association (Director of Marketing), Seidman Supply Chain Management Association (Director of Marketing), Seidman Mentorship Program, Laker Accelerated Talent Link Program, Resident Assistant (Holton Hooker), Crossfit Allendale, GVSU Women in Business

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? GVSU Homecoming Royalty Court is an honor to be nominated and to represent the Laker Community. To be a candidate for Homecoming Royalty Court it means that I am able to show my amazing Laker Spirit and how I have grown as a leader over the past four years. I cannot wait to see everyone's GVSU spirit and as always, Anchor Up!

Name: Devin Elenbaas

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Class Standing: Fifth-Year +

Majors: Cybersecurity

Involvements: Campus Ministry Mission Trip Leader, Campus Ministry Lifegroup Leader, and GVSU HAT Club Member

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? Becoming a member of the GVSU Homecoming Royalty Court means I’ve hopefully succeeded in one of my biggest goals when I came to college: connecting with others on a level that’s deeper than just a wave in the hallway. I believe relationships build communities, and communities are what drives the world forward. Whether that be working together for projects, learning from professors, or meeting someone on the Laker Line, there’s a relationship to be made in every corner of this campus, and I think that’s what the GVSU Royal Court best represents: students with that goal in mind. It’s an honor to be recognized by the GVSU community as somebody who strives for this. Go Lakers!

Name: Elizabeth Kalakut

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Class Standing: Fourth-Year

Major: Clinical Dietetics Coordinated Masters Program

Involvements: Senior Resident Assistant, Campus Links Mentor, Clinical Dietetics Student Association (CDSA) Cohort 8 Co-President, College of Health Professions (CHP) Student Empowerment and Success Council, Intern at GVSU Replenish, Event and Desk Staff for GV RecWell TA for 2023 Water in the West Study Away Program, and Frederik Meijer Honors college Honors Mentor.

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? From the first time I visited the campus, I knew Grand Valley was the place for me- so much so that it was the only university I applied to. In my time here I have been able to transform as a young adult through the diverse activities, supportive professors, and hands-on learning experiences which led me to discover my true career passion and reach my personal and academic goals. I also treasure that I have been able to take advantage of many other opportunities like TAing a Study Away for the Honors College, cheering for our Laker athletes, attending on and off-campus events like the Haunted Arboretum and Science on Tap, and as a bonus, the beautiful and scenic campus lets me pursue my other passion, running. I have so enjoyed my time here at GV and being an RA has given me the chance to mentor and help incoming Lakers find their place and experience the excitement of being a freshman every fall. I am honored to represent GVSU on the Homecoming Court and know that I will be a Laker for a Lifetime.

Name: Jose Medina

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Class Standing: Fourth-Year

Major: Political Science

Involvements: Latino Student Union- Trustee, Asian Student Union- Member, Vietnamese Student Association-Member, Filipinx American Student Association-member, Monarcas Ballet Folklorico- Member, Laker Familia-member, GV TRIO Upward Bound Wyoming Math and Science Teacher Assistant/Tutor

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? Being a member of the Homecoming Royalty Court means I get to be a representation for the Hispanic community but people of color as well. Throughout the small time of being here at Grand Valley, I was able to branch out to different communities and make an impact to those around me creating lifetime friendships and memories. I believe with showing how resilient, compassionate, and energetic I can be in different communities makes other feel welcomed when they never experienced equality and diversity. I feel appreciated that I can show what being a LAKER is. As always, ANCHOR UP!

Name: Ashley Perryman

Class Standing: Fourth-Year

Majors: Allied Health Sciences and Public Health

Involvements: Track and Field Team, Sprinter, Sprints Leadership Committee; You Beautiful Black Woman, Chaplain; Campus Ministry, Life Group Leader, Celevitationality Leader; Cook Leadership Academy

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? I believe that it is a great honor to be a member of the Homecoming Royalty Court. It is an opportunity to be a representation of the organizations that I am involved in across campus as well as Grand Valley as a whole. Being a member of this court is a chance to emulate what it means to be a Laker, which to me means being an active and positive member of the Grand Valley community.

Name: Bridie Tolley

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Class Standing: Third-Year

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Minor: Digital Studies

Involvements: Campus Activities Board (President), Telephone Outreach Program (Team Leader), Intramural Sports (Volleyball Captain)

What does it mean to be a member on the Homecoming Royalty Court? Being in the Homecoming Royalty Court means I get to show the campus community what it means to be a Laker. Being able to recognize all that Grand Valley has given me and has to offer to other students is so amazing and I am so proud to be able to celebrate that. I am happy that I get to be a friendly face to my peers and exude a welcoming energy to our GVSU family. Being on this court allows me to showcase how appreciating what Grand Valley creates for students is so important.

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