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Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills MI

Farmington Hills

Illuminating the Past. Enlightening the Future.

The Holocaust is a history not only of evil, although the evil is undeniable, but also of great courage, strength and righteousness. The Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus has been teaching about the Holocaust and its legacy for more than 25 years, and its building, exhibits and programs have been receiving international accolades and heartfelt thanks from our millions of visitors.

The Wall Street Journal, in a front-page article about our museum said in reference to the provocative nature of our building that our museum “may be the most provocative museum of them all.” We are pleased that the architecture of this historic museum stirs the public consciousness of the unprecedented horrific crime of the Holocaust.  Knowledge of the past is essential in order to avoid its repetition. (from the Holocaust Memorial Center web site.)

Kaufman Interfaith Institute, GVSU

Kaufman Interfaith INstitute

The Kaufman Interfaith Institute is an organization housed at Grand Valley State University that is committed to facilitating mutual respect and greater interfaith understanding in West Michigan and beyond.

In honor of Sylvia Kaufman's 20-plus years of dedication to promoting understanding among faiths, the Kaufman Interfaith Institute was created at Grand Valley State University in the summer of 2007. GVSU is providing leadership and administrative services for the institute. The West Michigan Academic Consortium consists of several colleges and universities.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Muskegon MI

Muskegon Center


The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies was established in Muskegon, MI in 1995 through informal conversations between leaders of the Congregation of B'nai Israel and Samuel Lutheran Church. The group holds an annual Shoah Remembrance with participation by area schools, the public, and musicians from throughout the community.  The Center emphasizes education on issues of hatred and racism and religious intolerance while building a greater appreciation for the diversity of life and culture as a gift of God.

The Center is affiliated with Muskegon Community College through which middle school students may be enrolled in its Journey Program.  Selected students participate in team-building events at Camp Pendalouan and a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian. More information about the group's events can be found on their Facebook page.

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